FEATURED ARTICLE: 2015 Best Places to Work in Medical Sales

2015 Best Medical Sales Jobs

The MedReps.com community has voted and the results are in. Approximately 1,400 medical sales professionals participated in the 4th Annual Best Places to Work Survey, weighing in on what company they’d most like to work for and why.

Find out who claimed the top spots in our 2015 Best Places to Work in Medical Sales list.

Read: 2015 Best Places to Work in Medical Sales

15 Years of Innovation [INFOGRAPHIC]


In 2000, a group of medical sales recruiters founded MedReps.com to connect with experienced medical sales professionals. The first users found success on the site and spread the word to their friends and colleagues. Fifteen years later, we’re still helping medical sales recruiters and skilled industry professionals find each other. A lot has changed since [ Read More...]

MedReps.com Review: One Candidate’s Job Search Success Story

Successful Medical Sales Candidate

Success Story: “You create your career path.” Case Study: Sean Hastings, a MedReps.com member, began a new medical sales job in December of 2014, after just under 6 months of searching on MedReps.com Quick Stats: Member of MedReps.com < 6 months Total Job Applications Submitted: 150 in 5 months Job Applications Submitted on MedReps.com: 50+ [ Read More...]

CONMED Case Study

conmed thumb

The Takeaway CONMED finds experienced candidates easier and faster with MedReps.com Using the database, CONMED easily finds and contacts candidates they couldn’t connect with using other sites On average, for every 10 applicants, CONMED finds about five quality candidates CONMED uses both the resume database and job board as an essential part of their sales [ Read More...]

4 Resolutions for a Better Job Search in the New Year

Liang Zhang; BigStock

If you’re frustrated with your job search, take heart—the new year brings a wealth of new opportunities for job seekers. Restart your job search in 2015, using the past to propel your career forward. Amid the promises to diet, exercise, and be nicer to your family, consider committing to these job seeker resolutions to help [ Read More...]

4 Things To Look Out For On A Candidate’s Social Media Page

It’s no secret social media plays a big role in recruiting. In fact, a new study by Jobvite found 55 percent of recruiters have reconsidered a candidate based on their social profile. Obviously recruiters take social media profiles seriously when evaluating candidates. The question is, what exactly should they be looking for? 1. Professional experience. [ Read More...]

Ageism in the Workplace: The Age Bias in Hiring for Medical Sales

Hiring Older Medical Sales Reps

Does the Medical Sales Industry Have an Age Bias? Whoever said, “Life begins at 40,” clearly wasn’t looking for a job in medical sales. In fact, for medical sales job seekers, something else altogether seems to begin at 40; the sad reality of age discrimination. Of course, it’s not something anyone likes to think about [ Read More...]

Job Search Tactics & Frustrations

Job Search Tactics & Frustrations

The results of our 2014 survey are in and we are happy to find that the mood of your job search is optimistic. As we approach the end of 2014 and head into 2015, it is encouraging to see that 85% of respondents continue to cite job boards as the #1 source used to find [ Read More...]

How to Write a Pharmaceutical Sales Resume

Your Pharma Sales Resume

Get Noticed With a Strong Pharmaceutical Sales Resume No matter where you are in your pharmaceutical sales career, you need a well-written pharmaceutical sales resume that accurately conveys your knowledge, skills, and experience. As you search for pharmaceutical sales jobs online, you will notice the competition in the job market is stiff, and it’s essential [ Read More...]

Learn the Truth About Medical Sales Certification Programs

Myth vs Reality of Medical Sales Certification programs

The Truth About Medical Sales Certificate Programs Whether you’re trying to break into medical sales or you’re an industry veteran looking for a change of scenery, it can be difficult to find that ever-elusive golden opportunity. For many, medical sales certification seems like a surefire way to get an advantage over the competition by providing [ Read More...]

Recruiter Said They’ll Get Back To You? This Is What They Mean [INFOGRAPHIC]


We’ve all been through this. A recruiter says one thing, it sounds like another. You think you’re still in the running to be the next great hire, when the recruiter found a big error on your resume. The position calls for sales device experience, but you think your experience in pharma will cover that. It’s [ Read More...]

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