FEATURED ARTICLE: 2014 Medical Sales Salary Report

2014 Medical Representative Salaries

Nearly 3,000 medical sales professionals participated in the 4th Annual Medical Sales Salary Survey, revealing information about their average salaries, commissions, and more. The 2014 Medical Sales Salary Report analyzes this data to evaluate how income is affected by product sold, job title, company type and size, age, experience, and more.

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Gender Inequality in the Workplace: How Gender Equality Effects Medical Sales

Medical Sales Gender Pay Gap

Gender Equality & Medical Sales We’ve all heard the infamous statistic:  “Women are paid 77 cents for every dollar a man makes.” We’ve also heard the counterargument that the logic behind the statistic is flawed. The statistic doesn’t account for the number of hours that men work versus women. It doesn’t account for differences in [ Read More...]

The 2014 Mobile & Social Medical Sales Job Search


The Smartphone Market Share for Medical Reps Close your eyes for a second. Try to think waaaaay back to 2009. Five whole years ago. Can you picture it? The country was battling a recession..the King of Pop passed away…Tiger Woods was outed as a philanderer…and Blackberry users outnumbered iPhone users 2 to 1 among medical [ Read More...]

Beyond Cars & Expense Accounts: A Grounded Look at Perks & Benefits

employee perks and benefits for medical sales

Medical sales reps are famous for the perks of their job. There is almost a mythology built around the benefits they receive. Of course, while medical sales reps enjoy some great perks, it isn’t the lifestyle that those outside the industry might imagine. In recent years, the benefits that reps have enjoyed are not what [ Read More...]

How Great Companies Miss Out on Great Candidates


Finding the Great Candidates Often companies don’t even realize where they went wrong. They just assume it’s the nature of the hiring process, without understanding that they may have made a misstep. Here are a few ways that companies miss out on great applicants. 1. They Forget That They Are Being Interviewed Too  While the [ Read More...]

Will MedReps Work for Me? [Infographic]

Odds of a Medical Sales Job Offer

What are the odds of landing a medical sales job on MedReps? While no one can say for certain how effective MedReps will be for you, a survey of 700 members found 1 in 6 received a job offer as a result of using the site. As you’ll see below, the odds of getting a job offer [ Read More...]

Medical Sales Jobs Report – April 2014

Medical sales job count

Medical sales jobs continue to increase; healthcare jobs bouncing back   With the overall medical sales job count hitting a recent high, medical sales job seekers should be feeling good about the opportunities available to them. The rest of the healthcare industry has reason to feel optimistic as well. After shedding jobs in December and January (for the first [ Read More...]

Positive Thoughts Can Amp Up Your Medical Sales Job Search

job search affirmations, positive job search

  You might be scoffing at the idea that you can improve your job search merely by thinking positive thoughts or writing down positive affirmations. After all, with unemployment high and the barriers to entry into the medical sales field tough to climb, what exactly is there to be positive about? “Thinking positive thoughts is [ Read More...]

Steps to a Successful Job Search

Medical Sales Job Search Success

In talking with recent job candidates looking for a career in medical device sales,  each candidate that was able to find a job had some similarities with their job experience.  Several factors play a role in the level of success that each of these candidates had, however, networking and industry knowledge seem to be the leading factors that proactive [ Read More...]

Success Story – How One Candidate Approached Her Job Search


Case Study: Laura C, Member of MedReps.com “My entire MedReps.com experience was serendipitous – I feel like Cinderella with her glass slipper.”   It’s About Educating Yourself Laura joined the site,  uploaded her resume and began looking through the job descriptions. Laura was definitely an active candidate who was very proactive in her job search.  Laura [ Read More...]

5 Reasons to Get a New Medical Sales Job in 2014

Medical sales job search

Did you resolve to get a new medical sales job this year? Now that we’re a month into 2014, how’s that resolution going? With a third of most resolutions cast aside by February 1st, we thought it might be a good time to review some of the reasons you set the resolution in the first place – [ Read More...]

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