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MedReps consistently provides more medical sales jobs than any other site – general or niche. Approximately 20% of our jobs are exclusive to MedReps – that is, you won’t find them posted anywhere else. Current Total Job Count: 9,900

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2 out of 5 members reported getting a face-to-face interview after submitting a job application, and 1 in 6 got a job offer.

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Since the year 2000, MedReps has helped thousands of medical and pharmaceutical sales people advance their careers.

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“I had been a member of MedReps for 2 years, and I decided in the past 6 months to start applying again since I now had great sales experience. I was offered a job with Ecolab selling surgical supplies – great job and money. Thank you and I will recommend you to anyone interested in this field! This was the only site I used for medical sales that was beneficial.”

Jonathan L
Jonathan L found his job at Ecolab on MedReps.com

“I was told to check out MedReps.com if I was really serious about landing a good healthcare sales job. I was referred to the site because it was so well known by friends in the industry as the best website for finding medical device, pharma and biotech sales jobs.”

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Melanie Zembrzuski
Melanie Zembrzuski found her job at Baxter BioScience on MedReps.com
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Our Customers Like Us!

“I was new to Medreps.com when I purchased a 3 months membership. The recruiter who found me, Cheryl Merlino, was absolutely fantastic through the whole process. I was able to land a fantastic job thru Medreps.com in 2 and a half months. I start on March 5th at Noven Pharmaceuticals as a Senior District Manager. Your site definitely has the best quality postings with the best response rates I've seen!”

Jessica S.

“I would recommend MedReps to a friend without hesitation. I spent probably 90% of my job searching time on the site and received about a 10% hit rate on my applications. In today's market I think that's outstanding – it's much more of a response than I got on other websites. It's not a complex site, but that's kind of the beauty of it.”

Matthew F.

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