FEATURED ARTICLE: 2016 Best Places to Work in Medical Sales

2016 Best Places to Work in Medical Sales

Where are the best medical sales jobs? And which top medical companies are viewed as the best employers? Every year, MedReps asks this question of our community in order to identify the most sought-after employer among medical sales professionals. More than 1,400 professionals took the survey. The big winner for 2016? Keep reading to find out.

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5 Things You Need to Do When Asked About Salary in the Medical Sales Interview

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You’re sitting in a medical sales job interview and things are going great. Until the interviewer asks the one question you’re unprepared to answer. “How much money do you earn?” she asks. You freeze. You know one wrong step can cost you the job. You’re stuck in a game of the Price is Right — [ Read More...]

The “Weed Out Course” for the Subpar Sales Person -John Crowley

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Ask anyone with a professional degree about the “weed out” class in college and you’re bound to hear… Med School – Organic Chemistry Engineering – Calculus II or Intro to Mechanical Engineering Law School – Civil Procedure or Contracts Weed out courses are unofficially designed to be ridiculously difficult and force students to reconsider advancing within [ Read More...]

Make an Impression with Your Medical Sales Job Posting

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Smart job candidates know that they have to do whatever they can to stand out from the crowd and convince medical sales recruiters that they are the best choice.  But isn’t the reverse also true? The recruiter, hiring manager, and anyone else meeting with medical sales candidates must also make a good impression in order [ Read More...]

Is a Medical Sales Job in a New City the Best Move?

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After months of searching through medical sales jobs, you finally found the perfect one for you — but it’s halfway across the country. What do you do? Relocate, or pass up the opportunity? The decision to pick up and move everything for a new job is a serious one, that you shouldn’t just rush into. [ Read More...]

6 Things to Do After Being Downsized


The J&J layoffs remind us that downsizing can happen at any time – here’s what to do next if you need to find a medical device sales job fast. You heard the rumors. Maybe you didn’t believe them. Maybe you did.  Maybe you started them. But despite what you knew or didn’t know leading up [ Read More...]

3 Steps to a Successful Medical Sales Transition

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Making the transition to medical device sales or pharma sales jobs without industry experience can be challenging in today’s market where hiring managers expect to see immediately how you are a perfect fit for the role at hand. A strong resume alone will not cut it when it comes to making a career shift into [ Read More...]

MedReps Round-Up: The Tax on Medical Devices – What You Need to Know


        Every month, MedReps brings you the top news you need to know to be successful in your medical sales job. These articles highlight the latest trends, to help you stay up-to-date and on top of your game. Stay tuned to the MedReps blog, as we discuss these topics in detail.   [ Read More...]

How to Sell Your Medical Sales Jobs to the Best Candidates


If you want the best medical sales talent, you’re going to have to start selling — selling the company, the brand, and your medical sales jobs. Talented reps know a pitch when they see it, so to sell your jobs and bring professionals onboard, you need to give them what they want and make the [ Read More...]

How to Reboot Your Medical Sales Resume

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It’s easy to say what works and what doesn’t work on a resume when trying to get a recruiter or hiring agent to at least give you a second look.  There are literally hundreds of things you shouldn’t do.  But what about the things you should do?  They’re just as important, and might actually leave [ Read More...]

How to Find a High Paying Medical Sales Job in the New Year

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As the new year approaches, you’re setting new goals both professionally and personally. On the top of the list? Finding the medical sales salary you want. A better medical sales salary starts with your job search tactics. You need to be looking in the right places and for the right things, to score that top-paying [ Read More...]

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