FEATURED ARTICLE: 2015 Medical Sales Salary Report

2015 Medical Sales Salary Report

It pays to work in medical sales jobs! The 2015 Medical Sales Salary Report confirms medical sales professionals continue to earn impressive incomes. But just how impressive are they? Over 3,000 medical sales people participated in our 5th annual survey, revelaing the details of their incomes along with factors such as job title, type of employer, travel, location, and even age and gender. Read the 2015 Report to see how your income stacks up compared to your peers.

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Perks of Biotech Sales Jobs – Travel, Benefits, Cars, & More


There is plenty to love about medical sales jobs – in fact, they can be quite rewarding.  Most sales professionals truly enjoy what they do and stay in the profession for a number of years. Of course, the pay is good in medical sales, and it’s particularly good for biotech sales jobs, but there are [ Read More...]

4 Ways the Medical Device Excise Tax is Impacting Medical Sales Jobs

medical sales jobs and the excise tax

The controversial medical device excise tax – established to help fund healthcare reform – continues to rouse debate. Opponents argue the tax puts an undue hardship on device companies and will ultimately stifle growth and innovation. Supporters say the cost to device companies should be offset by an expanded customer base, now that more Americans [ Read More...]

Cut it or Keep It: How to Decide Which Jobs to Include on Your Medical Sales Resume

What to Include on a Sales Resume

3 Things You Should (Probably) Cut from your Medical Sales Resume A first step for most DIY resume writers is to outline a list of all the jobs you’ve held since graduation, but most people quickly realize that not all of those jobs belong on your medical sales resume. But which ones should you keep [ Read More...]

17 Things Not to Say in a Medical Sales Job Interview

What not to say in a job interview

Preparing for a medical sales job interview can be an intimidating and exhausting experience.  Most job seekers will agonize over how to answer specific questions when asked.  Knowing exactly what to say can make a lasting impression on a hiring manager.  Likewise, knowing what not to say can help you avoid saying something that might [ Read More...]

Dollars for Docs: What Sales Reps Need to Know

whitestorm; BigStock

The Sunshine Act has been impacting medical sales professionals since the adoption of the Affordable Care Act. But the relationships between doctors and pharmaceutical and medical device companies is in the spotlight once again. ProPublica recently launched their Dollars for Docs database, and the information caused hype online as sources like the Wall Street Journal [ Read More...]

MedReps Round-Up: Medical device hacking, FDA approval issues, and more

Medical Sales News

Every month, MedReps brings you the top news you need to know to be successful in your medical sales job. These articles highlight the latest trends to help you stay up-to-date and on top of your game. Stay tuned to the MedReps blog as we discuss these topics in detail. Hackers Could Go After Medical [ Read More...]

Top 5 States For Medical Sales Reps Income

medical sales salaries

As a medical sales rep, there are a lot of different factors that will influence and impact the amount earned in a year. Some of these are obvious, including the number of clients within your sales territory as well as the number of clinics, doctors, hospitals, long-term care facilities and other health care providers. However, [ Read More...]

4 Reasons to Always Be Recruiting

Medical Sales Recruiting

The most successful salespeople will always be closing, so it makes sense that the best recruiters should always be recruiting! Even if you don’t have any open medical sales jobs, you should be actively looking for fresh talent. Here are the top reasons to adopt a proactive recruitment strategy: Empty positions are expensive. According to [ Read More...]

4 Ways to Join the Medical Sales Conversation on LinkedIn

Medical Sales Networking

How to Jump Outside your Comfort Zone and Get Active on LinkedIn LinkedIn strikes fear into the hearts of many. Even those already in medical sales jobs who have to sell products day in and day out may find the notion of selling themselves by networking on LinkedIn intimidating. During the early years, a static [ Read More...]

5 Quick Fixes for Medical Sales Resume Don’ts

Quick Fixes for a Sales Resume

Transform your Medical Sales Resume into one that Appeals to Today’s Online Readers As a resume writer, the majority of resumes that come my way are out of date from a formatting perspective and are tough to read online. Given that today’s medical sales hiring manager usually has no more than six to 10 seconds [ Read More...]

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