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Will MedReps Work for Me?

Will MedReps Work for Me

The job search stinks. You invest time perfecting your resume, searching for the right opportunity, applying to jobs – but there are no guarantees about how long it will be before your efforts pay off. You know you’ll find something eventually, but you need results now.

MedReps works hard to make your job search easier. We provide a comprehensive list of medical and pharmaceutical sales jobs, and members can search and apply on the site or via the app using the device of their choosing. We offer services to help you improve your resume and cover letter and even prepare for the interview. We also provide reports, infographics, and articles to help you stay on top of industry news and ensure you are using best practices in the job search. We’re offering everything we can think of to make your job search easier and more effective –  but the one thing we can’t offer is a guarantee.

While we can’t say for certain how well MedReps will work for you, we do survey our members each year to find out how well it’s working for our members as a whole. No other job board publishes this kind of information, but we think you should know all of the facts. The results of the survey are outlined in the infographic. The good news is – our members report quite a bit of activity from both uploading a resume to the database and submitting their resumes to jobs. And the odds of getting a job offer have actually improved from previous years.

How likely am I to get a medical sales job on MedReps?

Perhaps the most telling numbers of all, however, are the numbers on how many members would refer a friend to MedReps (77%) and how many were referred by a friend themselves (50%).  Recommending a product or service to a friend is the  ultimate sign of approval – and while we obviously can’t please everyone – we’re proud to say a majority of our members would recommend the site to a friend.

It’s also important to note that our members are made up primarily of experienced medical and pharmaceutical sales professionals. If you do not have a similar professional background, you are unlikely to see similar results. See our full member profile here.

77% would refer a friend to MedReps