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What Do the Contact Details On Your Resume Say About You?

The contact information on your resume can make or break your professional image. What does yours say about you? 

resume-detailsA great medical sales resume is a key first step toward that next critical step – getting an interview. Just as your choice of wardrobe is important to face-to-face interview success, the contact section at the top is your resume’s chance to make a great first impression.

While details like your name, address and email may seem straightforward, they are anything but. The decisions you make around these small details play a bigger role than you think in making a solid first impression with that medical device or pharma sales recruiter or hiring manager.


I recommend clients include their full address or at least their city, state and zip when applying for local roles, and to remove it when casting a wider net or when willing to consider a relocation.

The last thing the reader needs to be reminded of when reviewing a resume is that you live halfway across the country and may require an expensive move upon hire.

When it comes to sales territories, an address within the geographical region reinforces that you are familiar with the lay of the land, so to speak. A hiring manager will therefore likely be delighted and reassured if you live locally!


The email you choose says a lot about a person – at least to a pharma recruiter or medical device hiring manager.

An ideal email is one with a professional ring. Emails that reference hobbies or anything related to your personal life may lead decision makers to make assumptions about you.

Likewise, when the goal of a resume is to remain timeless so no one knows if you are 25 or 85, don’t show your cards with an email handle that includes your year of birth (i.e., johndoe1964@gmailcom).

While the idea of changing your email may feel intimidating, the email provider you select speaks volumes in the opinion of many about your comfort level with technology.

Emails like AOL were cutting-edge back in the 1990s, but today are viewed as dated.

Prove you are up to speed in today’s high-tech world by creating an email that is designed from the beginning to be web-based like or


An ability to embrace technology can go hand-in-hand with the perception that you are up for the task of killing it in the world of complex specialty pharma sales or medical device sales.

Therefore it is important to include URLs or links to social media like LinkedIn or Twitter.

Keep in mind, however, that it is important to keep your personal and professional lives separate. That means these accounts should only be shared if the content on them is professional and relates to your career aspirations.


How you dress, the power of your handshake, your ability to make strong eye contact, etc., are critical when it comes to making a great first impression during the interview process.

It stands to reason, then, that the power of small details like the contact information on your medical sales resume is equally impactful. Select wisely to convey your best professional sales image!

– By Virginia Franco, NCRW, CPRW







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