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Twitter Recruiting: How to Recruit Medical Sales Talent on Twitter

Twitter Recruiting Tips from MedRepsUsing Twitter for recruiting may seem informal and nontraditional, but it’s an effective way to find and add talented medical sales professionals to your team. As the job search becomes more and more social, Twitter presents a great opportunity to make personal connections with qualified professionals, to speed-up the recruiting process.

Use these tips to create meaningful connections with medical and pharma sales professionals and perfect your Twitter recruiting:

Join the conversation

As you look to start your Twitter recruiting efforts, you need to get involved in the already active community. Twitter chats are a good place to begin connecting with industry influencers.

Twitter hosts a number of chats already established on a set day and time that you can look to join. In sales and healthcare there is a weekly chat – #hcsm – that that discusses healthcare communications and social media. Also, #socpharm is a weekly chat centered on how pharmaceutical companies are using social media.

Before you get started, be sure you know the basics:

  1. #: A # (hashtag) is used to ‘group’ all of the Tweets together when someone searches that hashtag. For the purpose of the chat, it allows you to get your Tweets in front of the other participants.
  2. RT: A retweets (RT) is simply reposting another user’s Tweet. If someone shares something enlightening during the chat, give them credit and spread the love by retweeting their response.
  3. @mention: When you want to ‘speak’ directly to another user in the chat, you’ll want to include their Twitter handle so that the share, while still public, notifies them. This will help you and other users more clearly follow the conversation, and is how you can start to connect and engage with users to build a relationship.

When looking to join your first chat, it’s best to sign into Twitter a few minutes before the designated start time. Sometimes the host of the chat will release a topic or series of questions before the chat that you can ponder and prepare to engage on. You can use a tool like TweetChat to keep you organized during the chat. You simply need to enter the designated hashtag to pull up the stream. Do be prepared for the chat to be fast paced, as users all over the world participate in real time. Don’t feel flustered if you can’t respond to every question. Just strive to engage with influencers and potential superstar candidates. As you become more comfortable with the Twitter chat process, you can be even more active in the chat!

Don’t join Twitter chats to spam the conversation with plugs for open positions or info about your company. Instead, focus on meeting people and building relationships. Twitter chats are virtual industry mixers, and you want to contribute to the conversation, make a good impression, and build rapport with potential job candidates.

If you find that there is a relevant topic to medical sales professionals not being discussed on Twitter, make the leap and try hosting your own Twitter chat. Identify organizations and individuals that could co-host each chat and invite them to join regularly in the discussion. By looking at the chats already centered around medical devices and pharma sales, you can identify the gaps in topics, as well as the top influencers in the industry.

Another route is to discuss the clinical topics your potential candidates may be interested in. For example, Boehringer Ingelheim was highly successful with their #ChatAfib sessions. In these chats, discuss trends, treatments, barriers to care, or other recent issues.

Follow-up with anyone you interact with during chats, to grow your community and list of potential recruits.

Answer questions

Twitter recruiting can open up communication to make the hiring process easier. It’s easy to send and reply to messages and start conversations on the platform. Use that openness to field questions from job seekers.

Medical sales job seekers want to know about the products they will be selling, the commission structure, growth opportunities, and what the interview will be like. Answering these questions through Twitter is easier and faster than email and phone calls and can help job seekers through the hiring process.

In addition to responding to individual questions from job seekers, hold a live Q&A session to answer any questions your followers have about employment opportunities or your company as a whole. For example, the UK-based workplace experts, Acas, regularly holds Q&As using the hashtag #askacas where followers ask questions about employment issues and workplace rights in the UK. The Q&A session allows professionals to ask questions in a relaxed forum.

Show your personality on Twitter

What is unique about the company? Why would a medical or pharmaceutical salesperson want to work for the employer? Just like recruiting on any other platform, recruiting with Twitter should go beyond the great salary and benefits of the position and show professionals what’s appealing about the company.

Share news and events, and showcase photos from internal events. Encourage employees to share their experiences on the platform as well to reach a wider audience. Your current employees have valuable networks of qualified medical sales professionals who can be easily reached through a platform they check multiple times a day from multiple devices.

Reach out

Look for candidates who actively participate in conversations. Are they passionate about device issues? Do they share the most recent pharma research? They could be the perfect candidate for you.

Depending on your needs, search for hashtags to find influencers interested in topics related to the position. Simple hashtags like #meddevice and #medtech are good places to start, but look for topics specific to your company and products. Who is tweeting about #strokemonth? What about #diabetescare or #parkinsonsawareness? Find professionals who are up-to-date on the specialties you need.

Also look for professionals who are knowledgeable about the industry as a whole. Search for those tweeting from and about industry events and conferences like #advamed15 or #pharmaforce10th.

When you find professionals who fit the bill for open positions, reach out to them. Introducing yourself on Twitter can make the recruiting process more relaxed, personal and speedy. You can tweet at them by including their handle in a tweet you want them to see to start a conversation. If you want a more private conversation, send them a direct message. Direct messages can only be seen by the user you message and are like Twitter’s version of an email.

Actively connect and engage with followers to build a community on Twitter. When you do have a job to announce, talented medical sales professionals will hear your message and will pass it on to their colleagues.

How do you use Twitter recruiting to find medical sales talent? Share your thoughts with us @MedRepscom