Best Medical Device Companies To Work For – 2016 Report

Best Places to Work in Medical Sales

Top Medical Device Companies to Work For


What are the best medical device companies to work for? The 5th Annual MedReps Best Places to Work in Medical Sales survey set out to answer exactly that question. As it turns out, the answer largely depends on what you value in top medical device companies, starting with size.

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Qualities of Top Medical Device Companies

Nearly two-thirds of survey respondents said they prefer to work for a company that primarily sells medical devices or equipment, and 73% of those respondents said they’d like to work for a small or medium-sized company (fewer than 10,000 employees). For this reason, there were a substantial number of write-in votes for medical device companies not found on the Fortune 500 list.

This comes as no surprise considering there are more than 6,500 medical device companies in the U.S., and 80% of them have fewer than 50 employees. While this certainly makes it a challenge to recognize the many top medical device companies, it means the options are plentiful for those seeking jobs at smaller med device companies and start-ups.

In an effort to recognize some of the smaller medical device companies, for the first time, the MedReps Best Places to Work Awards include winners in the small med device (<1,000 employees) and medium-sized med device (1,000-9,999 employees) categories.

Other than size, respondents place a high value on an employer with a strong product line as well as a commitment to research and development. When it comes to corporate culture and employee growth, respondents say the best medical device companies to work for must offer both competitive compensation and a healthy work-life balance.

Medical Device Sales Job Satisfaction

It’s somewhat surprising that despite half of medical device sales reps reporting that they are very or somewhat satisfied in their current medical device sales jobs, 82% said it was likely or somewhat likely that they would change jobs in the next year. However, this number may be less of a reflection on job satisfaction, and more of a comment on the lack of stability in the industry.

Despite uncertainties, it’s still a great time to work for these top medical device companies. Find out more about the best medical device companies to work for by clicking the logos below and view medical device sales jobs on MedReps to the right.

Large Medical Device / Equipment:

medtronic sales jobs

JNJ sales jobs

Stryker sales jobs
Medium Medical Device / Equipment:

medical equipment sales jobs


Small Medical Device / Equipment:

Accuvein (1)


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