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Top 5 States For Medical Sales Reps Income

Medical Sales Salaries by State As a medical sales rep, there are a lot of different factors that will influence and impact the amount earned in a year. Some of these are obvious, including the number of clients within your sales territory as well as the number of clinics, doctors, hospitals, long-term care facilities and other health care providers.

However, it may be surprising to find that the state you are working in can also have a big impact on what you can expect to earn. It is also somewhat surprising to find out which states are in the top five when the breakdown is completed. They are very likely not to be the states you first thought would give you the best chance at a top income.

Making the Comparison

According to our Medical Sales Salary Report for 2015, the average income for all medical sales reps participating in the survey was $141,464 with an average base of $80,861 nationwide.

Those numbers included medical sales reps of all ages and experience levels, as well as by gender. While there were differences, the 40 somethings earning the most and men earning slightly more than women, there were more significant differences by state.

This report breaks down the information to make it readily and easily available to those considering a move to increase their earning potential. We included three different points of data for your consideration, the average of the base salary, the average of commissions and bonuses, and the average of total per state.

Go South

Perhaps it isn’t surprising with more of the older population in the United States located in the southern states that they would hold the positions of number 1, number 3, and number 5 on the list of top 5 states for medical sales rep income.

The top state for earning an overall income is Georgia. The state actually has a lower average base than many of the other states on the list, including New York, Florida and Texas, but it has a whopping lead in the average amount of bonuses and commissions earned.  In Georgia, the average base is $78, 204 and the commissions and bonuses average $76,500 for those responding to our survey.

Texas comes in at number 3 behind Georgia and New York, and the Lone Star state offers large territories and lots of travel. In the survey, we derived that the relationship between travel and income was a direct correlation, which favors the big territories found throughout Texas. In this state, the average base was better than most at $84,504 with bonuses and commissions on average at $60,665.

Florida comes in number 5, but it is still a top income state. Typically base salary is very good at $82,644 and bonuses and commissions at an average of $58,477 provide med reps with an average income of $141,121.

Small Isn’t Always BetterMedical Sales Income by State

When most people think of where the highest demand for sales in the medical field first thought would be to consider population density.  In one case, this is certainly true, and that is in the state of New York.

Home to over 19,746,000 people and with a density of 416.42 people per square mile, New York, is the one exception to this rule. In New York State, the average base pay for a medical rep across gender and age is $80,276. While this is not the highest in the states compared in the report, when you add on the average bonus and commissions of 57,849 you do end up with the second-highest level of income at $150, 146.

The fourth most favorable state for med reps based on average income is Michigan. While not southern and not small, Michigan allows for significant travel while still having a good concentration of hospitals, medical clinics, and healthcare facilities.

Within the state the average income for med reps is the lowest within the data collected for the survey at $71,782. However, the bonuses and commissions almost equaled the average of base at $70, 237, bringing Michigan in at fifth place with an average of total income of $142, 019.

A career as a medical sales rep often provides the option to move to new territories and new locations. By keeping abreast of the trends for base salaries as well as bonuses and commissions, choosing your next location by income earning potential can be based on data and not on generalizations or assumptions.