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Top 5 Reasons to Love Medical Sales Jobs in 2020

“How can I get into medical sales?” It’s a question we hear every day at because medical sales is a hot industry! Money, travel, flexibility – what’s not to love, right? While veteran medical sales professionals may have more than a few responses to that question, for now, we’ll focus on what they love about medical sales jobs.

In our 2020 survey, MedReps asked professionals to tell us what they like most about their medical sales jobs and the industry overall. So what came out on top? 

1. Making an Impact

The highest-ranking reason medical sales professionals love their jobs is the ability to “make a difference.” Medical sales reps love that they get to sell products that are essential to providers and patients, giving their work a greater purpose.

Working in the medical field means the products you’re selling directly impact the lives of patients, which is no small feat. It’s no wonder 35% of reps in our study cited this as the biggest reason they love their job. Medical sales can literally save lives.

2. Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is another common answer that consistently ranks, year after year. And this year at 26%, it ranked higher than ever. 

Medical sales reps feel valued when they get to set their own hours, make their own schedule, and split their time between the office, home, and traveling. In a year where this balance is even more critical, medical sales reps love that they have balance.

3. Opportunity for Growth

Career advancement isn’t always cut and dry, but medical sales reps love when their company provides clear opportunities to grow. And in this year’s report, 24% of sales reps said they love the growth opportunities in their jobs.

While you may start at the entry-level as a sales rep, you can grow by learning new markets and products or even by moving up the ladder.

There are many directions your career could take you within the medical sales field, including roles like capital sales reps, account managers, territory managers, and regional sales managers.

4. Management

Another reason medical sales reps reported loving their jobs is they love their managers. Medical sales teams with strong managers are happier and more successful.

A strong manager motivates employees and builds real relationships with their teams, which might be why 21% of sales reps said their managers were what they love most about their jobs.

If you’re interviewing for a new medical sales position, this is a great opportunity to make sure the hiring manager is the right fit for you. 

5. Autonomy / Flexibility

Last, but not least, medical sales reps enjoy being their own boss, whether literally, as is the case for independent reps, or figuratively, such as reps managing a territory far from corporate headquarters. 

They are responsible for maintaining their relationships with providers, visiting clients, and meeting their quotas. They are in control of what they earn and how their career advances. All of this autonomy is a huge perk of the job. That’s why 21% of sales reps cited it as the reason they love their job.

What do you think? Are these the best perks of medical sales jobs? Tell us what else you love about medical sales.