Top 10 Leadership Qualities of a Good Medical Sales Team Leader
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Top 10 Leadership Qualities of a Good Medical Sales Team Leader

Medical sales team leaders have a tough job on their hands. Not only is the job constantly in flux and always changing, but you need to keep up with your team, learn new skills and more in order to remain a motivated, functional leader. This complex job is made easier when you have all of the necessary leadership qualities.

The Most Important Leadership Qualities

So, what are the most important leadership qualities of a medical sales team leader? You need to do or have the following:

1. Conducts Regular Meetings

Not only does a good sales team leader know how their team is doing at all times, simply by tracking their progress, but they also hold regular meetings. These meetings provide them with a way to ask their team how they’re doing, as well as obtain feedback and provide insight on possible pain points.

2. Inspires Others

Another important leadership quality of a good team leader is being capable of inspiring others to do their jobs to the fullest of their abilities. How can you inspire your team? Not only do you need to give them goals (and small rewards when they hit those goals), but you also want to provide a culture where everyone looks forward to helping each other meet their goals.

3. Guides the Team Members

Even the most qualified team members need some guidance now and then. By making yourself available for questions and providing solid feedback, you can guide your team members to successfully meet their goals. By asking questions and not punishing your employees for giving honest answers, you can provide them with the guidance they need.

4. Lead Them by Example

Have you heard of the phrase “do as I say, not as I do?” A good team leader doesn’t do this. Providing a solid example for their employees to follow is one of the most important leadership qualities. You need to show them you are in the same boat as them, so they will feel 100% comfortable following your lead.

5. Creates an Accountable Work Culture

Accountability is crucial in the working world. When someone messes up, they must confess their failures or faults. Otherwise, everyone else ends up taking the blame. In sales, this accountability starts at the top, with the team leader.

6. Earn the Confidence and Trust of Your Team

Another important leadership quality involves how you interact with the rest of your team. If you have their confidence and trust, then they’re going to work harder for you to ensure they meet their goals. You’ll spur them on to bigger and better things.

7. Show Empathy

Not only does a good leader have faith in their team, but they also realize people are human and make mistakes. Showing empathy really proves to your team you have their back and are willing to help them through the hard parts. It can be tough to show empathy, but it must be done.

8. Value the Efforts of Your Team

It’s important your team members realize just how much you value their efforts. In order to show this leadership quality, you need to tell them “good job” and announce their wins (i.e., sales) to the rest of the team. It’s amazing how a few positive words can make an enormous difference.

9. Encourage Strategic Thinking

Employees shouldn’t need their leaders to hold their hands through every step of the sales process. At first, new employees should have more guidance than others, but by the time they have more experience, it’s time for strategic thinking to kick in. This type of thinking allows them to come up with their own solutions to various problems, whatever they may be.

10. Focus on Relationship Building

When it comes to leadership qualities, the best leaders know how to build relationships between everyone on the team. Whether you put together bonding sessions, such as weekend retreats or even dinners out with the whole team or spend time ensuring that everyone gets along, these relationships can go a long way towards success.


The best medical sales team leaders have a number of solid leadership qualities. They bring their teams together in order to get things done. They listen and have empathy, while at the same time, providing the guidance needed to assist their employees in meeting their goals. All ten of the things on this list can be both learned and taught, as well as gained over time. After all, good leaders aren’t born, they are raised.