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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Hired at CONMED

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CONMED continues to top our Best Places to Work list, but this year they hit a new level: No. 1 medium-sized medical device company to work for, as chosen by employees.

Because medical sales jobs are constantly in high demand — especially at the best places to work — we wanted to find out exactly what it takes to get hired and jump into this fast-paced, competitive environment.

To find the answer, we went straight to the source.

We recently chatted with Lisa Krecklow, a medical device sales recruiter at CONMED, to talk about what she looks for when hiring new talent and what it takes to be a successful medical sales rep at CONMED.

Here’s what Krecklow had to say about what she looks for in talent:

MR: From your experience, why do you think CONMED continues to make it on the “Best Places to Work” lists?

lisa-krecklowLK: I’ve been recruiting for medical sales roles across all divisions for CONMED for 13+ years. I love connecting talented salespeople with our awesome opportunities. At CONMED, we have an encouraging and challenging sales environment where our culture is built on a foundation of growth. We are constantly looking at ways to delight our customer by bringing them the best service and best solutions to meet their needs. It is an environment where consummate sales people are able to succeed.

Speaking directly to sales candidates, our smaller size allows us to be more nimble and flexible in our deal making. As a rep you are empowered to make the best decisions for your customers, which enable you to sell more and make more (no limit). We love to reward and recognize our best, but most importantly let them run their own business and take care of their customers.

We are also very passionate about our products which helps us invest in a very competitive product mix. Even though we are mid-sized, we compete well with the top medical device companies in the world through bringing best-in-class products and a variety of products that are needed by our customers. In a lot of ways we can be a one-stop shop for many of our customer’s needs.  

MR: For you personally, how has CONMED proven they’re a great place to work?

LK: I love working here. I have the opportunity to work with a lot of intelligent, gregarious people — people who have CONMED’s best interest at heart.

CONMED has managed to create a family feel. In day-to-day interaction, everyone is striving for greatness in a very collaborative environment. CONMED does a good job of providing the tools and resources we need to do our jobs and do them well.

Even after working here for many years, I feel comfortable collaborating and continuing to ask questions and express opinions. It’s a safe environment to reach out because we’re all striving to improve individually and overall.

MR: Can you take us step-by-step through CONMED’s hiring process?

LK: Once we publish an open requisition on our careers site, we use a myriad of different databases: LinkedIn, MedReps, Indeed, and our own internal database to source candidates. Sourcing also includes networking with current reps, known contacts, and sometimes the Medical Device Sales College.

Interactions that are favorable lead to interviews with a hiring manager all the way up to the vice president of sales. Before making an offer, we dive into extensive clearances and consider cultural fit.

MR: What is the first thing you look for on a resume? After you’ve located that, what makes you decide if a candidate should move on to the next round?

LK: The first things I look for are the minimum requirements that are listed on the job description. These requirements vary from job to job and division to division.

Once I see minimum requirements are met, such as having a degree or living in the territory, I look at their experience…is it hospital sales? Is it surgical sales? On which specialties have they called? I also notice if they have a pattern of moving jobs every 2 years, every 3 years, etc., and whether or not they have any significant sales accomplishments. I am also looking for performance over time and open displays of leadership.  

Few resumes will meet all of our requirements. If I only see one red flag, the candidate will likely still be considered. If I find two or three, they most likely will not advance in the process.

MR: What would you say are the top mistakes job seekers make when applying to CONMED?

LK: This sounds harsh, but I spend about 1 minute on a resume. If I’m unable to quickly see their qualifications in that amount of time, I move on. There are a large number of applicants moving across my desk every day, so moving quickly with a critical eye is crucial.

One mistake I see many candidates make is not setting up their resumes in a way that I can find the information I need quickly. Candidates should ensure that the requirements of the job  – degree, location, sales skills, and sales numbers  – are clear and easy to find with a good use of white space to delineate sections.

Showing me your performance is key because CONMED needs salespeople who can hunt and close business. This means we need to find talented candidates who can jump in and sell and build authentic relationships with their customers. To really catch my eye, arrange your resume in such a way that I can easily find your sales numbers, accolades, accomplishments, and year-over-year performance.

The medical sales job search is tough, but by following Krecklow’s insider recruiting tips, you may also find yourself working for one of the best places to work.