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The Top 10 Soft Skills to Recruit for in Medical Sales

Recruiters are placing more emphasis on soft skills, according to LinkedIn’s 2019 trends report. In fact, 92% of talent professionals say they matter as much or more than hard skills when they hire, and 80% say they’re increasingly important to company success.

Unfortunately, soft skills remain one of the most challenging candidate aspects to evaluate, which means many recruiters may not be assessing the right ones. 

As you’re hiring your next medical sales reps, here are the 10 soft skills you should be recruiting for:

1. Problem Solving

At the heart of all medical sales roles is the ability to identify the client’s problems and solve them with a product. That’s why this soft skill is critical for recruiting. Clients want to hear a selection of possible solutions, so reps have to come up with a few suggestions and implement the best one.

2. Research

Before a sale, reps also have to learn all they can about the client in order to solve their challenges. This includes their goals, their mission, past partnerships, successes, and gaps. Be sure that candidates have demonstrated plenty of research experience in their past roles.

3. Storytelling

Another piece of the sales puzzle is to be able to craft a story to explain why certain products will help each customer address their patients’ needs. Top candidates will show how they take everything they researched and tie it to the solution in order to present it to the client.

4. Confidence

In addition to being able to craft a story, a successful medical sales rep also needs to have the confidence to present it to clients big and small. A confident sales rep can make clients feel more likely to trust their belief in the product. No matter the size of the client or the level of salesperson, confidence will continue to be crucial in anyone you hire.

5. Adaptability 

In today’s workplace, the ability to adapt to any environment is more important than ever. Whether the job environment changes, such as client meetings go virtual/remote, or clients make changes in their company that impacts office visits, the sales rep must be able to adapt their way of working and their recommended solutions as sales strategies change. 

6. Self-Motivation

Sales reps are usually responsible for their own clients, and therefore their own success. This means they need to be able to hold themselves accountable for managing their workload, boosting sales, and more. Make sure candidates have experience with self-motivation and accountability.

7. Time Management

Along the same lines, reps need to manage their time effectively to make the most of their day. Between landing new sales and managing existing clients, it’s important to be able to find balance.

8. Communication

A sales rep must be able to communicate effectively with their team, clients, and other stakeholders. This includes all forms of communication such as emails, in-person meetings, status updates, and even social media content.

9. Collaboration

While candidates need to work independently, they also need to know how to rely on their team and work together. Teamwork and collaboration are important for sharing best practices and learning from each other. Make sure sales reps have experience collaborating.

10. Perseverance 

Sales reps need to keep going at it and chasing new leads, even when one falls through. Make sure the candidates you hire exhibit the drive and hard work to reach their goals.