The State of the Sales Industry ‘Boys Club’ in 2019

Headlines have been flooded with news of first-ever female CEOs taking the professional world by storm. However, women still have numerous barriers and glass ceilings to shatter. The sales industry, especially, has been subject to ridicule for antiquated ‘boys club’ circles as both men and women raise awareness of prevalent gender biases. 

Our team at MedReps decided it was time to pull back the curtain on the sales industry ‘boys club’ and look at the full picture of how these biases impact both males and females in the sales industry. 

For our research, we focused on: 

  • Does the sales industry ‘boys club’ still exist? 
  • How does gender impact both males and females in the industry?
  • Where do sales industry pros turn for support to break down barriers? 

750 respondents between the ages of 22 and 75 in the United States: 375 males in the sales industry and 375 females in the sales industry offered insight into their careers. The majority of both men and women acknowledged the sales industry ‘boys club’ exists. However, unexpected positivity surrounding gender and advocacy, revealed by both genders, sheds some light and inspiration on a previously seemingly-hopeless barrier.