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The Impact of Poor Work-Life Balance on Medical Sales Reps

Work-life balance may sound like a myth to many medical sales reps. In fact, one in three salespeople says they have no work-life balance at all, according to a survey from Hubspot. What exactly does that mean for medical sales reps? 

It’s not just about being over-worked and suffering from burnout. Poor work-life balance creates a domino effect, impacting medical sales reps in every aspect of their lives. Here’s a deeper look at how:

It starts with a loss of productivity.

The first thing to suffer when medical sales reps have poor work-life balance is their productivity. Burnout can be overwhelming or even crippling. The overabundance of notifications and deadlines throughout the week becomes more and more distracting when a sales rep is overworked.

And when motivation suffers, it can turn into a downward spiral of dropping sales numbers. With low sales comes decreased morale. Peers and clients can tell when a sales rep’s work is suffering. 

Next, their personal lives are negatively impacted.

According to the Hubspot report, one in three salespeople says their job negatively impacts their personal life. Additionally, half of salespeople’s friends and family have told them they work too much.

Work that you love should enhance your personal life, not detract from it. While work is important, medical sales reps should be able to come home at the end of the day and focus on their kids or family without a feeling of dread of what the next workday will bring.

Then, they lose passion for their role.

As motivation and productivity decrease, so does passion. Solving problems for customers is no longer enjoyable when sales reps don’t have time to unwind during evenings or weekends. Let’s be honest, being an expert in the field loses its thrill when reps find themselves responding to emails from the minute they wake up until right before they fall asleep.

When passion for the job is gone, success is not far behind. Passion about your job is what helps you grow. This means that poor work-life balance, while it may seem like the only way to work, will ultimately stall a sales rep’s career.

When balance is gone, and you fall out of love with your job, what is even the point?

Finally, satisfaction, engagement, and retention suffer. 

When medical sales reps experience dips in their productivity, personal lives, and passion, employers suffer the consequences as well. When team morale and engagement drop, the success of their sales take a hit. 

In fact, according to Gallup, 51% of workers are actively looking for a new job or are open to one. This is likely because “they have the highest expectations of their workplace and plenty of other job opportunities.” Gallup also found that 53% of employees say greater work-life balance is “very important” to them when considering a new job. 

It is clear that enabling work-life balance for medical sales reps is key to any company’s success. In order to retain a team that is productive and engaged, managers must prioritize the well-being of their sales force.