The future of being a Medical Sales Rep: what do you need to know?
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The Future of Being a Medical Sales Rep: What Do You Need to Know?

Everything changes, even the medical sales industry. What began as a simple industry that sold medical products and pharmaceuticals to doctors, nurses and clinics has now become a multi-faceted business selling everything from surgical tools to biotech products. How will things continue to evolve? What types of changes do medical sales representatives have to look forward to?

There are a number of different predictions about the future of being a medical sales rep. Here are some of the most popular, many of which may come true.

Building Relationships as an Approach

As physicians, nurses and other professionals expect more from their salespeople, these relationships would also evolve. In the past, medical sales reps merely gave presentations, wrote down orders and took care of business. Now, as competition has increased, the need for these relationships has as well.

Now, sales reps have to research their clients in order to find their pain points and tailor their sales approaches accordingly. In addition, they need to take the time to build relationships with those clients. This will only continue in the future, as the age of general salespeople begins to finally close and one that requires relationship building continues evolving.

Moving to Consulting

Along with building relationships with clients, medical sales reps will begin to take on a larger role, one of a consultant and less of a salesperson. Although not a true consultant, this signals a larger role when working with customers. They will expect salespeople to counsel them on which products will work best for their patients and follow the advice provided.

With that said, some medical sales reps may choose to move away from the sales side of things and use their newly gained skills in order to become more of an actual consultant. By setting up a relationship where they act as a go-between, working with sales reps and medical professionals to find the best products and services for their clients. Whether or not this will come to pass can only be seen as the future of medical sales changes in future years.

More Development of Digital Products

As time passed, additional niches opened up in the medical sales industry. One example of the most recent addition is biotechnology. In the future, sales reps can expect to see more niches appear, such as those dedicated to wearable medical technological devices. Things like smartwatches may be adapted, enhanced and used for medical purposes. The industry may open up to see reps specialize in the sales of these devices and similar ones, further fragmenting the medical devices niche.

Utilization of Virtual Sales Tools

If there’s one thing medical sales have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s virtual sales tools can work just as well as in-person meetings. Thanks to Zoom, Skype and other online video chat platforms, sales reps can hold virtual meetings and even show presentations and sales pitches through them, much as they would in person. Thankfully, these virtual presentations work very well and many sales are made through them.

What does this mean for the future of being a medical sales rep? Although some reps are location-based, you may see more and more of them meet with clients in other parts of the country, using these virtual methods. Not only does this open up new locations for companies that make pharmaceuticals and medical products, but it also allows the sales reps to expand their territories as well.

Evidence-Based Sales Approaches

With many different sales approaches out there, it makes sense for sales reps to adapt to those that work the best. Since many physicians and medical professionals prefer clinical study data over fancy brochures, medical sales representatives have started using an evidence-based approach that emphasizes these medical facts over marketing ones.

As this progresses, additional sales reps will begin to utilize this approach and become even more well-versed in their fields. They will enhance their expertise, becoming people who speak informatively about their products on the levels physicians or other professionals will understand.

The Future of Being a Medical Sales Rep

Although it can be hard to predict the future, even in the medical sales rep field, some recent trends are expected to last. This makes it even more important for a medical sales representative to become an expert in their field and fulfill customer expectations to the fullest.