The best sales jobs come in all shapes and sizes. What works for one medical sales rep may be completely different for another.

However, the majority of medical sales reps agree there are a few traits the best medical sales companies have in common. According to our 2018 Best Places to Work report, reps find work/life balance, team building and collaboration, and a socially-responsible company among three of the most important qualities in an employer.

The exciting news is: many companies hold these key components for the best sales jobs — and reps are noticing. In fact, 76 percent of employees said they’re very or somewhat satisfied in their jobs.

Your biggest hurdle in finding those best sales jobs and loving your career will be picking out the best company to work for.

Here’s how you can find the winning company that’s just right for you:

Know what makes you successful

“…the company [CONMED] goes above and beyond to make sure each employee has the resources they need in order to succeed.” — CONMED employee

The best sales jobs come equipped with resources that will lead you to success. But you can’t simply look for companies with available resources — most employers have them. Before you start applying, make sure you already know what makes you successful.

Do you need a strong mentor, help with pitches, or updated technology?

Make a list of everything that has helped you grow as a salesperson in the past. Don’t forget to also consider what previous companies didn’t offer that would’ve helped advance your career.

Once you’ve noted everything you need to go above and beyond, you’ll know what to ask during interviews. This helps you find the best sales jobs, and the fact that you’re looking for ways to excel, impresses future employers.

Find your tribe

“Everybody truly works as a team. It shows in the quality and character of all.” — Teleflex employee

This particular Teleflex employee isn’t just noting their appreciation for teamwork within their department. They’ve called out how much the entire company’s teamwork reflects positively in everything they do.

Unity in a demanding and stressful career, like medical sales, is crucial. Just as this Teleflex employee has discovered, it’s important to find a company that will become your tribe — not just the people you punch in and out with.

Rather than pinning sales reps against one another, the best sales jobs offer team building and collaboration as forms of motivation.

Start with the basics when looking for your tribe. Search for the company’s mission statement and values on their website. Then, look to their blog, social media and career site to see if leaders are following through.

If you’re not seeing pictures or stories of teamwork, chat with the interviewer about what the company does to promote bonding activities. Ask for specific details, including what their favorite team building processes are.

Be passionate about their passions

“J&J operates under its famous Credo, which puts the lives of their patients, employees, and community first.” — Johnson and Johnson employee

Every winning company has strong passions and a passionate team to back them up. Year after year, Johnson and Johnson has topped our report — and this employee testimonial proves why.

This medical sales giant lets employees know they’re operating for more than the good of the company. Using their Credo to ignite passion throughout the sales team is what the best sales jobs are all about.

Don’t be afraid to network and reach out to current employees, or even company leaders. Find out what drives them every day and how the company upholds their passions. As you’re having these discussions, be sure to stay in tune with yourself. Listen for key words or stories that get you excited about your potential future at the company.

The most important thing to remember when searching for a winning company is that there is no mold. You have your own unique qualities, passions, and needs. Any company that’s able to fulfill all of those has the best sales jobs for you.

What do you look for in winning medical sales companies? Let us know in the comments below!

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