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The Best Medical Sales Jobs are Offering These 4 Benefits


You, the job seeker, hold all the power in today’s job market. With record low unemployment rates, many companies are struggling to find top talent. So when it comes to finding the best medical sales jobs, now is the time to find new and exciting opportunities.

Beyond money, the best medical sales jobs offer life-changing benefits. In fact, when asked what was more important than money, 60 percent of medical sales reps said work-life balance and 46 percent said career growth and advancement, according to our 2018 8th Annual Medical Sales Salary report.

While other benefits, like healthcare, 401k matching, and expense accounts are critical, nearly every medical sales company already offers them. In fact, an impressive 86 percent of respondents in the above report said they currently have health benefits, 76 percent have 401k matching, and 73 percent already use expense accounts.

The truth is, there’s a world beyond these traditional benefits. And even though you currently hold the job search power, it’s challenging to identify the best medical sales companies with the benefits that are right for you. So we’re here to help you get started. Take a look at these four medical sales companies and the benefits we’re raving about.

1.Enhanced family benefits

The battle for improved family benefits has been long fought. Unfortunately, SHRM’s 2018 Employee Benefits report found only 11 percent of companies currently offer adoption assistance benefits, and an underwhelming 21 percent of companies provide paid parental leave when employees foster children.

Johnson & Johnson is out to squash those stats with their expanded family benefits. These benefits are more inclusive and benefit families of all shapes and sizes. Now, employees like Paul Scoggins, an adoptive parent, will receive the support they need to have a successful work and family life.

Johnson & Johnson’s updated policy provides financial assistance for adoption and IVF treatments, as well as participation in a breast milk shipping program.

2. Backup care options

Much like parental benefits, family care options aren’t one-size-fits-all. But with 76 percent of reps in our 2018 Best Places to Work Report saying having an employer who values work/life balance is important, family care benefits are critical.

Today, many people aren’t only responsible for caring for their children, but also for aging, ill, or disabled relatives. To assist with any and all family care needs, Gilead offers 24/7 back-up care options. If an emergency happens or there’s a disruption in normal care arrangements, Gilead provides center-based or in-home care, ensuring employees are confident that their loved ones are in good hands.

3. Endless career growth

The best medical sales jobs are ones where you can flourish and grow into your dream career. As you look for the best company for you, it’s important to consider where you want to be in the next five years and see if there’s potential for that type of growth before applying.

Teleflex, for example, is built on growth — with both products and employees. Career advancement benefits range from annual discussions with leaders about the skills and knowledge needed to take on greater responsibility to Teleflex Academy.

Through the academy, employees have various live and online courses to prepare them for their career path. Additionally, hands-on projects challenge Teleflex’s team to gain experience, confidence, and knowledge for their next move up the ladder.

4. Total rewards packages

You’ve worked hard to reach this point in your medical sales career — and you’ll continue to grow and push the boundaries. All of this hard work deserves nothing but the absolute best and total rewards package.

Luckily, our Biotech Best Places to Work winner, Amgen, has a custom rewards package that addresses nearly every employee need. From health and wellness benefits, including an on-site gym, to finance and wealth, work-life balance, including paid parental leave and on-site child care, and career advancement benefits, their list is extensive — making them well-deserving of a spot on our Best Places to Work list.

During the job search, what benefits do you look for in a company? Let us know!