Travelling, hitting personal goals, starting on the road — all of these are traits of successful medical sales reps.

Unfortunately, they’re also major team building roadblocks.

Forming a cohesive bond between co-workers in the sales field isn’t a one-step, easy process. However, it’s a workplace factor medical sales employees say they need. In fact, in our Best Places to Work report, 54 percent of respondents said team building is the most important value in an employer.

Without a strong emphasis on collaboration, employees will search for opportunities with a company that can fill the void. To nurture a tight bond, leaders should start incorporating the value of teamwork from the first point of contact with a candidate. When potential employees are immediately part of your process, they’ll be envisioning themselves working as a key part of your company.

Here’s how you can start team building from day one:

Invite your employees to interviews

For candidates, team interviewing means getting a clear picture of the company’s culture and employees’ personalities.They can ask in-depth questions about the position directly to reps who are out in the field. Additionally, candidates will see how leaders value teamwork in every aspect of the company..

Encourage employees to ask specific questions about what the candidate likes most about being part of a salesforce. They can use this to gauge if the potential employee will fit with the company culture and go further into detail about their own collaboration with co-workers.

Host job auditions

Job auditions are especially beneficial for medical sales jobs. Rather than sitting down and asking questions back and forth, you can see how candidates perform with your current reps. This doesn’t just show job seekers how much you value teamwork, but also actively starts building relationships before they’re even hired.

Start by having candidates sell a product to a few of your seasoned sales reps. Ask your employees to then offer both positive and constructive feedback. Giving feedback shows the candidate how they’ll be acknowledged and how their sales skills will grow as part of this team.

If possible, schedule team meetings during job auditions. Encourage candidates to jump in where possible. They can help brainstorm, discuss future projects, and chat with their potential future peers. The more involved they are during auditions, the more comfortable and confident they’ll feel if they receive an offer.

Show off your team

The faster you show off your tight-knit group of reps, the better you’ll stand out against competing companies. From the moment they see a job opportunity, candidates want to know you have a company full of employees who work together, have fun, and enjoy supporting one another.

Give candidates a look inside company walls. Use your career website as a bragging board for what your team is up to, their past accomplishments, and future bonding activities. Post pictures of employees huddled around a table problem-solving together. Or, show them at a special lunch and during bonding activities.

Put employees’ voices to these pictures to enhance early connections. Caption each one with direct quotes from your team about what they were doing, who they were with, and why it was special.

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