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Passionate Leaders Make Teleflex One of 2021’s Best Places to Work

Compassion and empathy are what separate the best of the best companies in the medical sales industry. 

That’s why Teleflex ranks as one of our Best Places to Work in 2021, and as the No. 1 Large Device company. Their positive corporate culture and strong products bring them to the top of the pack year after year.

So how exactly did Teleflex leaders earn 2nd place on our Best Places to Work? We asked them:

You’ve been voted as a top Best Place to Work year over year. This year, survey respondents touted Teleflex’s leaders as putting people first. What changes has the company made over the last year to keep employees not just satisfied but loving their careers at Teleflex?

We provided the flexibility to work from home where possible, provided additional virtual IT support not only to employees but also for employees with children learning virtually. We further supported our employees by providing access to a virtual tutoring program for school-age children.

Jay White, Corporate Vice President – The Americas & EMEA

“Early on when Teleflex was faced with the challenges of operating amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we quickly shifted gears to ensure our people remained at the center of all we do,” says Jay White, Corporate Vice President – The Americas & EMEA. 

“Teleflex has held several virtual events to provide professional development, helping those in need during our virtual volunteer month and most importantly, town hall meetings to provide employees with an opportunity to connect with Leadership and ask questions. Passionate people and our culture make Teleflex a great place to work.” 

This year, medical sales survey respondents noted commitment to diversity and inclusion as one of the most important qualities in an employer. How does Teleflex create a diverse and equitable culture? 

We have virtually hosted community discussions, awareness of cultural holidays, and traditions. Our newest series of virtual events are focused on supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion across our organization.

Jay White, Corporate Vice President – The Americas & EMEA

“One Teleflex, our council that focuses on bringing diversity, equity, and inclusion to all Teleflex employees, developed a number of Employee Resources Groups to provide opportunities for employees to engage and activate meaningful change,” says White. 

The majority of respondents agree the most important quality in leadership is honesty and trustworthiness. In a world where media plays a large influence in scandals and conflict, how do Teleflex’s leaders prove they’re honest and trustworthy?

Teleflex is a company that thrives on shared values, with people at the center of all we do.

Mike Cummings, Vice President of Human Resources – The Americas at Teleflex

“We have a leadership team comprised of highly talented and professional people who genuinely care about the employees at Teleflex,” says Mike Cummings, Vice President of Human Resources – The Americas at Teleflex.

“Our Teleflex leadership has shown their honesty and trustworthiness through constant and transparent communications with employees, instating an environment of positivity within and outside of the workplace.”

The majority of medical sales survey respondents say the best part of their job is making an impact or difference in the world. How does Teleflex make a difference in such a demanding industry? 

What sets us apart is our passionate people who are driving innovation to help positively impact the health and quality of people’s lives every day.

Liam Kelly, President and CEO 

“Not only does Teleflex make world-class life-saving products, but we also strive to provide the best possible Customer Experience at each touchpoint from order inception to implementation,” says Liam Kelly, President and CEO.

“Teleflex continually searches for ways to enhance patient care by modernizing processes and procedures across all departments. Our growth strategy charts the course for Teleflex to deliver the right product, to the right market, at the right time.”

The global pandemic has challenged every industry. This year’s respondents were overwhelmingly positive about how the Best Places to Work responded to their needs. What’s the No. 1 change Teleflex made to support employees during the 2020 crisis?

We have been creative with the support we can offer employees who may have extenuating circumstances.

Mike Cummings, Vice President of Human Resources – The Americas at Teleflex

“While there have been many ways Teleflex has helped support employees during the 2020 crisis, one change that has had a great impact has been the flexibility of working hours while working from home,” says Cummings.  

“Each family is different and has different needs, different schedules. With our ability to connect virtually across the globe, we have been able to accommodate flexible work schedules where needed.”