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Teleflex: Medical Device Recruiters’ Success with MedReps

Quick overview

Teleflex has relied on MedReps as a crucial component in its recruitment process since 2016. In that time, they’ve earned the No. 1 slot on MedReps’ Best Places to Work in the large medical device category for the past four years. Recently, Forbes has also named them one of America’s Best Employers in 2021.
[MedReps has] been a positive mechanism and provides a more robust tailored candidate pool than other resources we use.    – Steven Dodge, Sr. Sales and Marketing Recruiter

The Basics

Teleflex is a global provider of medical technologies designed to improve the health and quality of people’s lives. They apply purpose-driven innovation – a relentless pursuit of identifying unmet clinical needs – to benefit patients and healthcare providers. Their goals as an employer is to continue to attract key talent by focusing on culture, living core values, and keeping people at the center of all they do. How has Teleflex continued to rank as a great employer? They NAIL it with company culture. Here’s how!

How MedReps Improves Recruitment 

This is the advantage that MedReps provides: it saves time, is geared to our industry, and makes us as recruiters more efficient. – Steven Dodge, Sr. Sales and Marketing Recruiter

Profiles are geared to the industry

Teleflex reported their sourcing efforts and job posts are more effective and targeted to the right group with MedReps. In their experience, medical sales professionals trust the companies that recruit and post here, and it makes talent acquisition much easier.

Personalized communication to candidates

One of Teleflex’s biggest frustrations with other platforms is the difficulty in reaching out to candidates. With MedReps, candidates’ contact information is available to employers. Medical device recruiters at Teleflex are relieved they can reach out to candidates directly. Having this information makes it much easier to customize messaging. And Teleflex has found that it results in more medical device candidates opening and responding to their outreach.

Saving time

Teleflex estimates by using MedReps, they’re saving 25% to 40% of time in the recruitment process. One of their favorite aspects of MedReps is how it eliminates many in-between steps by being such an industry-tailored site. Teleflex also reports MedReps saves them time through features like seeing when candidates posted and made updates to their resume as well as the streamlined messaging process. This time-savings, they claim, saves them money.

Sr. Recruiter, Danielle Morse – success story:

“I was working with a manager for the first time on a hard-to-fill position in a very difficult area. Time was of the essence, and I needed to find a qualified candidate quickly. 

There were very few online applicants who met the qualifications for this position. I utilized other sourcing platforms but needed to focus on candidates within this specialty who I knew were currently looking for a new opportunity. I turned to MedReps. 

I posted the position and searched the resume database, where I found a candidate who met all the qualifications, lived in the right area, and had experience with the right call points. I reached out to this candidate, scheduled a call, and the rest is history. Not only was the candidate hired, but they are also now a top performer being developed for management. 

I built a great relationship with the manager as I was able to fill this position quickly with a qualified candidate who continues to exceed expectations!”

Not sure if working at a large company is right for you? Check out what Teleflex thinks you should know. 

The Process

When there is a sales opening on the team, one of Teleflex’s first steps is to post the role on MedReps. Immediately, medical device recruiters start searching for a candidate. They also use LinkedIn to source passive candidates where they reach out via InMail. But in terms of personalized outreach, access to candidates’ direct contact information through MedReps is a remarkable convenience.
MedReps allows us to cut right to the chase, gaining immediate insight on several key aspects such as call points, achievements, specialties, willingness to travel, and where the candidate may be open to relocating. – Danielle Morse, Sr. Sales and Marketing Recruiter

The Interview

Medical device recruiters screen qualified candidates with a phone call to better understand their experience, compensation expectations, and overall fit. During this process, candidates get answers regarding the job description and position details. Recruiters then forward the most qualified candidates to the hiring manager for review. The hiring manager and other designated members of the sales interview team (which varies by position) begin face-to-face interviews. Some positions require candidates to present on a medical product/ procedure or role-play with the interview team. This step gives them insight into the candidate’s technical proficiencies as well as their ability to learn and present information quickly — skills that are essential to industry success. Once the team identifies a final candidate, the offer process begins. Always cognizant of creating a positive candidate experience, Teleflex aims for quick turnaround with the offer being only one to two days from the final interview. By identifying top medical device sales reps faster and expediting the communication process, MedReps plays a part in enhancing the experience for Teleflex candidates.

The Results

The medical device industry is very competitive, and we look to hire the best of the best. – Sharon Haughney, Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition – The Americas
Teleflex medical device recruiters use both sourcing and job posting tools on MedReps. As a result, about 15% to 20% of their sales hires come from MedReps. Even more noteworthy, they have found that most candidates who apply through MedReps are quality candidates that meet their standards of “the best.” Does it sound like MedReps would fit your recruiting needs? Sign up today!