Best Places to Work

Find Out Why Teleflex is a Top 3 Best Place to Work in 2020

Teleflex has been named one of the top Best Places to Work by MedReps’ community of medical sales talent for the third year in a row. As second in the overall category, the company is also reigning champion as No. 1 company in the large device category. 

Medical sales employees, both inside and outside of the Teleflex community, acknowledge the company’s positive culture and ability to empower employees to positively impact the world around them. 

But how are Teleflex leaders keeping up with changing employee demands to remain a top-three Best Place to Work? Mike Cummings, Vice President, Human Resources — the Americas, shares his insights:

You’ve been voted as a top Best Place to Work for the third year in a row. What changes has the company made over the last year to keep employees not just satisfied, but loving their careers at Teleflex? 

Teleflex is a great company made up of amazing people united by common vision, purpose, and values. A key component of our culture is our core values and the fact that people are at the center of everything we do. This hasn’t been a one-year change; this has been a multi-year cultural transformation that people can see and feel. 

Medical sales survey respondents noted opportunities for growth as one of the top three reasons their company should win Best Places to Work. How does Teleflex ensure employees have ample room for growth and support to accomplish their career goals? 

We have extremely strong career pathways and a variety of different business units that employees can transfer in and out of.  Everyday team members have an opportunity to positively impact the patients and clinicians we serve. 

On top of that, we are committed to investing in organic growth opportunities as well as inorganic growth opportunities. All of which support our employees’ growth in whatever direction they choose.

In a world of social media, scandals, and conflict, how do Teleflex’s leaders prove to employees they’re honest and trustworthy? 

Building trust is a foundational element of our core values and a focal point in all of our leadership development initiatives. We listen to employees, and everyone partners with positive intent. Every one of our employees is a leader and this translates to a positive employee experience and customer experience.

The majority of medical sales survey respondents say the most important part of corporate culture and values is work-life balance. How does Teleflex promote work-life balance in such a demanding industry? 

We have enhanced our already market-leading benefits position with broader maternity and paternity leave practices, adoption assistance, and also sponsor a volunteer week (JOIN) which allows employees to take time away from work to volunteer. Our people are the Teleflex Advantage. 

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