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Take Charge of Boosting Your Sales Team’s Emotional IQ

Actively listening is only one part of the equation when connecting with clients and building trust. Your sales reps need to exercise their emotional intelligence (EQ) so they can properly respond to their clients’ needs and objections. This valuable skill also impacts how your team works together, motivates, and challenges each other. Because so much […]

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Getinge Best Practices: Protecting Medical Sales Reps During Unprecedented Times

When the 2020 global pandemic caused a worldwide shutdown, it challenged every business — especially, the medical sales industry. Overnight, companies were forced to adapt to a new reality. For most businesses, that meant shifting their strategies to ensure the safety of their employees as their No. 1 priority. An OSHA fact sheet stated that […]

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Quiz: Discover Your Medical Sales Leadership Style

Sales leadership comes with a great deal of responsibility. Of course, we’re not telling you anything new. You know the success of your sales team and their ability to hit both individual and group goals rests on your shoulders. But you’re up for the challenge — that’s why you’re in this role!  While it’s essential […]

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5 Expert Employee Communication Tips for Sales Leaders

Your sales team is already hard at work striving to hit those Q1 goals. Whether they’re on the road or in-house, the effectiveness of your employee communication will either help or hinder their performance this year.  Of course, there isn’t one set communication strategy that will successfully open your team up to new possibilities, ventures, […]