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The Biggest Roadblocks for Medical Sales Reps

Although a career in medical sales can be rewarding, especially when you’re established and have a solid sales pitch in hand, there can also be some complications. These roadblocks, many of which medical sales representatives have faced at one time or another, are not impossible to deal with. In some cases, you’ll have to get […]

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How Medical Sales Reps Can Influence Prescriber Behavior

When new drugs are developed, tested, and placed on the open market, it becomes the job of a medical sales representative to get knowledge of those medications into the hands of physicians. This is most often done by providing simple information about the medication to prescribers. There are additional methods as well, all of which […]

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How to Recover From a Bad Medical Sales Pitch

Discover how to recover during and after a bad sales presentation. No one is perfect, and that includes medical sales professionals. Even the most experienced and well-prepared salespeople can sometimes find themselves in a difficult situation when presenting to a client. Maybe your pitch didn’t land as well as you’d hoped, or maybe the client […]

Career Growth Featured Sales Tips

5 Ways to Build Trust in Medical Sales

As a medical sales professional, building trust with your clients is one of the best ways to ensure long-term success. Sure, it’s great to make a sale to a new client, but the only way to build a loyal customer base is to establish trust and open communication to ensure that they continue to order […]

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How to Keep Med Sales Clients During Inflation

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently facing one of the highest inflation rates in recent history. For businesses in the medical sales industry, it can be especially challenging to maintain customer loyalty and keep sales afloat during times of high inflation. The resulting global supply chain crisis has caused prices for many medical […]

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Find Medical Sales Success With These Old-School Marketing Strategies

Could traditional marketing techniques be the key to your sales success? As a medical sales rep, you work in an industry always pushing forward at a fast pace. It’s important to embrace new tricks and trends, or you risk being left behind the times.  However, the most cutting-edge sales techniques in your selling arsenal are […]