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3 Things That Don’t Matter in the Medical Sales Job Search

You’re applying for medical sales jobs and you think you’re doing everything right. You’re sending beautiful resumes with perfect cover letters, showcasing your background and education, and letting employers know where you see yourself in medical sales. But what do medical sales recruiters really care about? Are you giving them the information they actually want? […]

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What Do Medical Sales Recruiters Look for on Social Media?

You’ve deleted any questionable photos, adopted a more professional language in posts, and avoided talking about employers online — your social media profiles are ready for you medical sales job search. Well, not quite. Your social profiles may not have any glaring mistakes or red flags, but do they show medical sales recruiters what they’re […]

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How to Make an Impression in the Medical Sales Job Interview

Five minutes. That’s all the time you have to make an impression in a medical sales job interview, a survey conducted by CareerBuilder suggests. The survey of more than 2,000 hiring professionals, conducted in November and December 2014, found that 49 percent know within the first five minutes of an interview if they want to […]

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3 of the Most Common Medical Sales Workforce Planning Mistakes

[contextly_auto_sidebar id=”alePkHL1cw0wkE0G8QDdYOoGz0lF1esk”] Workforce analytics is a powerful method used to improve hiring decisions and employee development. It’s gaining popularity, but workforce planning is still new, and most companies aren’t using it to its full potential. In a recent report sponsored by Visier and released by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services (HBR-AS) in September, 73 percent […]

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4 Reasons You Need to Expand Your Medical Sales Talent Search

You’ve spent weeks looking for the right candidate. You want a professional with sales talent and medical sales expertise, but you can’t find any candidates that fit the bill. So you move on. You start looking for promising professionals from B2B industries, those who have worked with high value office equipment, and who have experience […]

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How to Recruit the Best Sales Talent into Medical Sales

Any job seeker trying to break into medical sales, knows how hard it can be. Medical sales jobs are known for requiring experience in the field. Employers typically look for candidates with directly related industry experience to fill their open positions. However, if you’re struggling to fill jobs – or if your new hires aren’t […]

Best Cities for Device and Pharma Sales Jobs
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5 Promising Places to Look for Medical Sales Jobs

If you’re having trouble finding your next medical sales job, your location may be the problem. In fact, our Job Search Tactics and Frustrations survey found that 35 percent of professionals surveyed said there aren’t enough medical sales jobs in their location. So where are all the medical sales jobs? We did some research to […]

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Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs: What does the future hold?

  Big pharma continues to go through some big changes. With new regulations, a growing care team, and aggressive merger and acquisition strategies, the pharmaceutical industry looks radically different than it did a few years ago, and the evolution is set to continue. What impact will this evolution have on pharmaceutical sales jobs? What do […]