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5 Tips for Personalizing the Virtual Interview Process

Virtual recruitment practices come with numerous benefits, but candidates express that one of the most significant drawbacks is the process isn’t personable. They strongly dislike not being able to meet with a recruiter in person.  According to our recent survey, more than 20% of respondents feel that the virtual recruitment process is not at all […]

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New Research Reveals What Each Generation Needs from Recruiters for Successful Virtual Recruitment

It’s no surprise that each generation has its own specific priorities and values. It’s not advisable to stereotype or rely on preconceived biases about the age groups. However, to effectively recruit talent with diverse experience and skills, it’s essential to understand candidates across generations have slightly different versions of interacting with people, competence with technology, […]

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The Guide to Effective Medical Sales Interview Evaluations

Our rapidly-changing world often makes the role of medical sales recruiter challenging. As job descriptions and company expectations evolve, it makes it even more difficult to effectively assess candidates.  It’s important to have a set system in place that’s easy to edit when needed. Additionally, a standardized process improves your ability as a medical sales […]


6 Ways Mobile Recruiting Is Changing the Way We Hire [WHITEPAPER]

Ninety-six times.  On average, that’s the number of times Americans check their phones a day, according to an August 2019 survey conducted by Asurion. That equates to once every 10 minutes, which is a 20% daily increase from a similar survey Asurion conducted two years ago.  These high usage numbers make it no surprise that […]