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Pivoting Leadership Priorities in a Crisis

When the 2020 global pandemic struck, it challenged every business — and the medical sales industry was no exception. Sales leaders found themselves shifting priorities to keep employees engaged and safe while still meeting sales goals.  This was easier said than done for some companies. For others, pivoting priorities to ensure sales reps and support […]

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Leading Sales Teams Into 2021 Stronger

Undoubtedly, the trials and tribulations of the 2020 global pandemic have created unprecedented sales objections. While it’s comforting to know that most businesses face the same challenges, it doesn’t make it any easier to combat them. Prospects might respond to your pitches with, “We don’t need that,” or “Not right now.” Or maybe they say, […]

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Quiz: Discover Your Medical Sales Leadership Style

Sales leadership comes with a great deal of responsibility. Of course, we’re not telling you anything new. You know the success of your sales team and their ability to hit both individual and group goals rests on your shoulders. But you’re up for the challenge — that’s why you’re in this role!  While it’s essential […]


Here’s What Sales Reps Need to Hear From Leaders, Not Sales Managers

Your sales managers are on the front lines. They’re motivating sales reps, discussing new sales tactics, and fielding minor employee qualms. And if you have talented sales managers on your team, you whole-heartedly trust them to accomplish these communication tasks.  However, oftentimes, scenarios arise when managers shouldn’t be your go-between. Clear communication that comes directly […]

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Fighting the False Fears of Imposter Syndrome in Medical Sales Reps

You know that one person — the sales rep who is driven, meets their goals, and always goes beyond expectations to ensure their customer is taken care of. But they suffer from a never-ending lack of confidence. They continuously question their ability despite your most valiant efforts to reassure them. 0

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The Five Attributes that Make a Great Medical Sales Manager

Over the course of the last decade, the managerial role within companies has come under scrutiny for effectiveness and necessity. Google’s Project Oxygen (2008) sought to prove that the role didn’t matter — that it was an unneeded layer in overly bureaucratic organizations. They were surprised when they found the opposite. Not only did they […]

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The Future of Healthcare is Bright — Reignite Your Sales Team’s Passions

Real-time health tracking, virtual office visits, bionic body parts — the future of healthcare is unstoppable. Healthcare innovations are developed in every medical sales field on a daily basis. That’s something reps should be excited about.  0

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This Is How You Successfully Lead Gen Z Medical Sales Reps

College graduation is far behind us and summer vacations are rapidly coming to a close. That means Gen Z college graduates have hit the workforce. This highly determined generation is often lumped in with millennials. Some even refer to them as “Zillennials.”  0

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5 Pieces of Advice These Business Leaders Would Give Their Younger Selves

Most business leaders have something they wish they’d known earlier in their careers. Something that would’ve made them more successful or less stressed from the start. Of course, we can’t go back and change the past. But what we can do is learn from the life lessons of others.  0