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Medical Devices Sales: Methods to Close More Accounts
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Medical Devices Sales: Methods to Close More Accounts

One of the main goals of every medical device sales representative is to meet those sales goals. In order to do this, you need to close more accounts and be prepared to turn those sales prospects into actual customers. While you might have a number of tried and true, loyal customers, they often aren’t enough […]

Medical Device Sales Job Interview Questions & Answer Examples
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Medical Device Sales: Job Interview Question & Answer Examples

Interviewing for a medical device sales job can be nerve-wracking. So, it helps to be as prepared as possible, dressing professionally for your interview, carrying along a copy or two of your resume and reference list, and of course, practicing your quick elevator pitch so you can introduce yourself quickly if needed. On top of […]

Medical Device Sales Requires More Than a Pharmaceutical-Style Sales Call
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Medical Device Sales Requires More Than a Pharmaceutical-Style Sales Call

There are many different types of medical sales out there and devices are just one of the niches you may find yourself representing. Unlike other forms of medical specialties, like pharmaceuticals, you’ll need to be prepared to do a bit more than just present literature about the products. Medical devices can include a wide range […]

Key Benefits & Compensation of the Medical Device Industry
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Key Benefits & Compensation of the Medical Device Industry

Among the many specialties in the medical sales field are medical devices. This particular niche is one chosen by numerous people due to its compensation and benefits, not to mention the amazing and life-saving devices themselves. Many people prefer selling these medical devices over other options, such as biotech products and pharmaceuticals. Why, you ask? […]

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Working in Medical Device Sales

Navigating the world of medical sales is a major task. Understanding where you’ll excel, the differences between each niche industry, and then, ultimately, deciding where your skills and values fit requires intensive research. This type of research is especially important when a specific industry is trending. Medical device sales, for example, has seen plenty of […]

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How Medical Device and Medical Equipment Sales Differ — It’s More Than You Think

Understanding the difference between medical device sales and medical equipment sales is important when looking to break into the industry. While the nuances may be obvious to sales reps with experience in healthcare, conceptually, they seem the same to outsiders. The key factors that can play into your satisfaction when entering the medical sales industry […]

medical device recruiters
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Teleflex: Medical Device Recruiters’ Success with MedReps

Quick overview Teleflex has relied on MedReps as a crucial component in its recruitment process since 2016. In that time, they’ve earned the No. 1 slot on MedReps’ Best Places to Work in the large medical device category for the past four years. Recently, Forbes has also named them one of America’s Best Employers in […]

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Selling Startup Medtech: What Motivates You?

Guest post by: Joe Ingoglia, Chief Commercial Officer at Proximo Medical Selling medical device technology, especially in the startup space, offers a specific set of challenges balanced with an overwhelming measure of rewards.  Salespeople always face adversity, especially in a COVID-19 world where access to hospitals and medical offices is limited and guidelines are constantly […]

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The Top Medical Device Jobs You Need to Be On the Lookout For

It’s an exciting time to be on the hunt for medical device jobs. Every year, the industry raises the already high bar on innovation. However, with new developments and job openings comes an overwhelming amount of differing opportunities.  Some medical device jobs have slight differences, but it’s those differences that could make or break your […]