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What You Need to Know About the Changing Face of Medical Device Sales

The medical device sales industry is in a state of flux. Most notably, consumers are increasingly able to use their own devices (primarily smartphones) to track and monitor their own health. This affects how medical devices are sold and how reps are able to sell them. Here are the biggest challenges facing medical device sales […]

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Medical Sales Jobs Report – January 2014

  Medical sales job postings increasing, but overall healthcare jobs down for the first time in a decade   After a decade of continued job growth in healthcare, this month’s BLS report that healthcare shed 6,000 jobs in December came as somewhat of a shock. Despite the relatively small loss in December, healthcare still added an average […]

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The MedReps Healthcare Sales Jobs Report – January 2013

After slight 4th quarter decline, healthcare sales job market takes a positive turn. The healthcare industry continues to be a bright spot in the economy. The January Employment Situation report issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows 45,000 healthcare jobs were added in December, and the industry’s unemployment rate is down to 5.2% – more than 2.5 […]

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The MedReps Healthcare Sales Jobs Report – July 2012

The number of healthcare jobs continues to rise, but will medical and pharmaceutical sales jobs keep with the trend? On the first Friday of every month all eyes turn to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The highly anticipated employment situation report answers questions like, “Has the unemployment rate gone up or down?” and “How […]