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5 Ways to Connect with Passive Talent Following the Pandemic

Top talent is scarce and competition is fierce, posing an unexpected challenge for healthcare sales recruiters. You would hardly know the world just went through a global pandemic if it wasn’t for the shift in the workforce. While many companies closed their doors and many more furloughed employees, the most agile companies maintained their talent […]

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Which of your strengths will best help you land healthcare sales jobs?

There’s no denying that it can be uncomfortable to talk about yourself on applications for jobs and during the interview process. Especially when you’re new to the industry and unaware of the full extent of healthcare sales jobs, it’s challenging to know how to market yourself.  A good rule of thumb is to keep it […]

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Marketing Yourself In and Outside the Medical Sales Interview: Quiet Types

Medical sales interviews aren’t your favorite. You enjoy listening and learning about the job, and you’re confident your skills would lend themselves well to being a great sales rep. However, you’ve never been the most skilled at articulating information about yourself.  You may not be the one to always stand out from the crowd, but […]