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How to Write a Medical Sales Cover Letter

Cover letters are designed to not only get a human resources representative or hiring manager interested in your application, but also to highlight how you’re perfect for the job. Many recruiters tend to look for specific things in your cover letter, including your writing skills, your professionalism and your overall experience. While there are many […]

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Level Up Your Written Communication Skills to Land the Medical Sales Interview

Communication is overwhelmingly significant in sales. So to stand out to medical sales recruiters, you must be ready to prove your communication prowess every step of the way. And that includes using your written communication skills to land the interview.  Naturally, medical sales reps depend more on verbal communication than written to close deals with […]

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Medical Sales Cover Letter

The job search process is full of stressful moments. However, most of them can’t measure up to the awkwardness of drafting a sales cover letter. You must write confidently about yourself, all while tying in how previous accomplishments make you the ultimate fit for an open role.  It’s no easy feat. But it is one […]