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Connect. Build Rapport. Close Sales. Communication Tools to Help Every Step of the Way

The world seems to be turning faster, and everyone needs an answer immediately. We’re glued to our phones, our messaging devices, and constantly checking our emails. But are we choosing the best ways to stay connected and share ideas? Are there communication tools that can help streamline this work?  The good news, yes. The better […]

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3 Ways to Optimize Candidate-Approved Recruiter Communication

It goes without saying that communication is crucial in the recruitment process, especially when it is entirely virtual. Poor communications can result in losing top talent.  To avoid communication mistakes, it’s essential to hear what candidates have to say about how they’d like recruiters to correspond with them. We surveyed more than 500 job seekers […]

Featured On The Job

4 Communication Hacks to Bring Out Sales Team Creativity

January marks International Creativity Month and there’s nobody who requires creativity in so many different areas of their career than a medical sales rep. Your sales team members are tasked with digging in to discover the best way to present a product to various demographics, how to communicate with each customer, and even creative ways […]