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Rising Cancer Incidence Dominating Cancer Biomarkers Market

Guest Submission from AllTheResearch A biomarker is any naturally occurring gene or molecule which is a measurable indicator of the presence or severity of a disease. Cancer biomarkers are processes or substances indicative of the presence of cancer in the body. Biomarkers may be secreted by cancer cells or by other cells in response to the presence […]

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2013 Biotech & Biopharma Sales Salary Report

  This is old news! Go check out the 2014 Biotech / Biopharma Sales Salary Report             MedReps.com conducted its 3rd Annual Medical Sales Salary Survey in April of 2013. More than 2,000 professionals currently working in medical sales anonymously shared data about their jobs, incomes, and other demographics. Professionals […]

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Allergan – Jobs in Biopharma

As a multi-specialty healthcare company, Allergan jobs offer candidates the chance to represent a wide range of products. Allergan was recently singled out in the MedReps.com “Best Place to Work in Healthcare Sales” survey as the preferred employer of respondents seeking jobs with biopharma and biotech companies. Candidates gave the following reasons for seeking out […]