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Syneos Health Wins Top Best Place to Work in Medical Sales in 2021

The 2021 Best Places to Work Winners went above and beyond to show empathy and support during an especially challenging year. 

With a positive corporate culture and strong leadership, it’s no surprise that Syneos Health was the big winner again this year. Plus, Syneos Health also maintained the No. 1 spot for Large Pharma.
But how do leaders at Syneos Health continue to earn the top spot as Best Place to Work, even amid a year like this one?

Ryan Maglione, Senior Vice President of Global Commercial Staffing, at Syneos Health Commercial shares his insights:

You’ve been voted a Best Place to Work overall two years in a row. The common theme in company praise from employees at Syneos Health is feeling valued by leaders. In what way does Syneos Health show employees they are vital to company success?

Our employees continue to be first among the things that make Syneos Health special, and we’re committed to fostering a culture that fuels their careers in order to accelerate success for our people and our customers.

“As a life sciences solutions company, we realize that motivated and engaged employees are the single biggest driver of our success. That is why recognizing our employees and providing them with growth opportunities is at the core of our culture.

We partner with our employees every step of the way during their professional journey, giving them the support and direction needed to help grow a meaningful career through robust learning and development offerings, mentoring potential and promotional opportunities, along with an employee recognition program.”

This year, medical sales survey respondents noted commitment to diversity and inclusion as one of the most important qualities in an employer. How does Syneos Health create a diverse and equitable culture? 

We believe that addressing complex healthcare challenges requires contributions from diverse viewpoints and an inclusive, equitable space where each individual is able to thrive.

“As a leader in developing innovative solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry, we also strive to lead our industry in our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) efforts. We continue to build momentum in our determined, action-oriented approach to building our DE&I strategy with intention and purpose. Together, we are creating a culture of respect and belonging where we can all succeed to our highest potential.

We have identified three DE&I pillars – People, Customers, and Community – to support the intentional and thoughtful way we make a difference at Syneos Health and beyond. We’ve also identified in 2020 core deliverables for each of these pillars, including developing a strategic plan to increase diversity at the Director and above level, advancing our integrated approach to drive greater patient diversity in clinical trials, and identifying organizations to partner with to help address key needs – with a focus on diverse communities – through volunteering, charitable giving, and pro bono work.

Our DE&I strategy and tactics are an integral part of our efforts to create a culture of inclusion and respect, as we continuously build the Company we all want to work for and our customers want to work with.”

The majority of respondents agree the most important quality in leadership is honesty and trustworthiness. In a world where media plays a large influence in scandals and conflict, how do Syneos Health’s leaders prove they’re honest and trustworthy?

It starts with open communication, transparency, and active engagement of our employees and it has to be sustained and ongoing at all levels of the organization.

“At Syneos Health, it starts with our executive leadership who provide regular quarterly business updates to the staff, conduct regular town halls to discuss the state of the business and the marketplace while also providing the tools and resources for each manager to communicate, provide business updates and engage their teams with transparency about the business.  

Paul Mignon, who leads our Deployment Solutions team commented, “Leading with honesty and integrity is the most important aspect of leading any successful organization and when done well, the engagement and productivity of the team is multiplied.”” 

The majority of medical sales survey respondents say the best part of their job is making an impact or difference in the world. How does Syneos Health make a difference in such a demanding industry?

We take our work seriously. Each day, our employees contribute to improving patients’ lives around the world by shortening the distance from lab to life. And we do it at scale.

“In a recent five-year period, Syneos Health has helped develop or commercialize more than 91% of all molecular entities approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and 90% of the products granted marketing authorization by the European Medicines Agency.

Just like we try to find new ways to accelerate therapies to patients, we are also challenging our employees to think differently every day about the development of our ethical, philanthropic, and sustainability practices. We want to ensure we first look at our Syneos Health inherent strengths, and leverage those strengths with ourselves – and others – to make a difference in everything we do.”

The global pandemic has challenged every industry. This year’s respondents were overwhelmingly positive about how the Best Places to Work responded to their needs. What’s the No. 1 change Syneos Health made to support employees during the 2020 crisis?

The number one focus was on the health and safety of our employees and the healthcare providers they serve.

Teddy Wong, Chief Operating Officer for Syneos Health Deployment Solutions

“Our organization was proactive in supporting our customer-facing field teams with the tools and training needed for operating remotely within days of the pandemic,” stated Teddy Wong, Chief Operating Officer for Syneos Health Deployment Solutions.

“Our sales leadership, training, and operations teams worked together to provide the right training to help our teams leverage our technologies to ensure continuity of physician and office staff relationships and develop their skills on virtual impact. As a result, our staff was safe adapting to their virtual environment, yet still productive in supporting their clients and patients.”