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Supercharge Your Medical Sales Job Search with These 5 Superskills

Over the years, you’ve tackled soft skills and hard skills — just like you’re supposed to do. Now, company leaders are flipping the script again.

Of course, soft skills and hard skills remain crucial for your success as a medical sales rep. However, a new report by Cornerstone and the Institute for the Future (IFTF) found 81 percent of CEOs are seeking a much broader range of skills when hiring new employees.

For medical sales, specifically, the constantly shifting workforce is changing the way you work. From rapidly advancing technology, new legislation, and even controversies, the way medical sales reps approach their jobs is already shifting.

Unfortunately, even though 90 percent of CEOs expect this transformation to disrupt their company, just 30 percent think their workforce is ready with the right skills, according to the previously mentioned report.

So, to tackle these changes head-on, medical sales companies are actively seeking candidates who have five superskills. Let’s take a look at the new skills you need to stand out during your job search:

1.Get credit for everything

The definition of “experience” is transforming beyond past job titles and education. Instead, employers are looking at every skill job seekers have acquired and developed throughout the years.

Employers want to see what you’ve accomplished, what skills helped you achieve those accomplishments, and how they transfer to the open position. Additionally, they want to see your capability and willingness to learn new skills once you’re already part of a team.

Show employers your experience goes beyond job history and which university you attended by building a personal brand. Create an online portfolio and update your LinkedIn profile to show-off the skills you’ve gained and developed throughout the years.

Share specific stories of how those skills helped you accomplish projects, sales goals, and other achievements. This shows you’re capable of successfully putting them to work in the field.

2. Upgrade your digital fluency

Robots aren’t taking over medical sales reps’ jobs anytime soon. However, there’s no doubt technology, such as AI, is changing the world as we know it — especially in healthcare.

From digitally verifying insurance coverage information to surgery assistance, AI is already prevalent in the healthcare field. It makes sense to assume it will only populate with even more technology in the near future.

Cornerstone and the IFTF suggest rather than fearing the future of technology, get ready for it. Let employers know you’re prepared by listing training, in the field or classroom, under skills in your application materials. Make note of any sales, internal communications, and scheduling systems you’ve been trained on and will continue using.

To show you’re digitally fluent, explain how these systems have impacted your sales numbers, teamwork capabilities, and relationships with clients.

3. Connect the dots to make change

Technology, merger and acquisition, customers, product development — any of these could change your career in an instant. In today’s frequently evolving medical sales world, it isn’t just about accepting change. Employers want to know what you’ll do in the face of constant organizational changes.

During interviews, give recruiters a glimpse into your ability to accept change and push through any circumstance. Explain what changes have presented difficulties during your career.

Then, move on from the difficulties to show how you persevered and remained mission-driven and dedicated to your company. Tell recruiters what those changes taught you about medical sales and about your own strength to move forward during a stressful time.

4. Grow your multicultural dexterity

Diversity is at the core of most recruiters’ minds. In fact, 78 percent of recruiters say diversity is very or extremely important to their recruiting efforts, according to LinkedIn’s 2018 Global Recruiting Trends report. The same report also found 53 percent of companies mostly or completely adopted diversity into their hiring strategies.

This means recruiters and employers no longer want you to stuff your entire identity into small boxes on applications. Rather, they’re focusing on creating teams that will work together and enhance the creativity and productivity of their co-workers.

Interviewers want to know you’re willing and excited to work alongside people with complex identities. Explain how your current team and customer base is full of people from various backgrounds, generations, races, and belief systems. Let them know how you believe working with this high amount of diversity has improved your own performance.

5. Grow caring at the core

Strong, meaningful relationships are at the core of every successful medical sales career. This means you need a high emotional intelligence to understand the complexities of life in order to build lasting customer relationships.

Start actively practicing empathy in every aspect of your life. If this is a challenge for you, invest in a self-discovery training program. These programs are designed to help you discover effective channels of communication, increase self-awareness, and give you insights to be more engaged with your team and customers.

Which of these superskills do you already have? Let us know!