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Always a favorite, Stryker landed a top-3 spot on our Best Places to Work in Medical Sales list for the third year in a row. Known for innovation and a top-tier sales team, Stryker demands nothing but the best from its sales force – but in return, it offers high rewards.

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Despite its reputation for asking a lot of its sales people, med rep job seekers would line up for the chance of a Stryker job interview.  Stryker explains why working for Stryker is a privilege on its career website:

Stryker offers results-driven people a place where they can make a difference. It is our privilege to create medical technology that exceeds our customers’ expectations and improves peoples’ lives around the world. We give you the opportunity to develop your career based on your strengths and potential, including the possibility to move geographically, functionally, laterally and vertically. Stryker is a career destination for engaged, passionate and talented people who seek the innovation, growth and opportunity that only we offer.

Several Stryker employees also weighed in on why their employer is the best place to work in medical sales.

“They’re a great place to work because they have a corporate culture that’s committed to helping support their employees as opposed to an every man for themselves mentality. They invest in their people and offer excellent benefits and compensation plans. They have a well developed product line and great reputation” – Stryker employee

“The culture, support, products offered, quality of products, and reputation of the company surpasses all competitors.  They truly represent the company that challenges and allows their employees to be developed, succeed, and excel to the level of their preference.”  – Stryker employee

“Sales reps are given all of the tools, resources, and support to be successful. If you’re not, there is only you to blame.”  – Stryker employee

“Ability to run your own business with little or no micro managing.”  – Stryker employee

“Go out and sell- just sell and management will let you do your job.”  – Stryker employee

“Quality products, sold by people with integrity and honesty”  – Stryker employee

And the comments of these would-be employees make it clear that Stryker has a reputation of being a great place to work.

“The name in itself should say it all. I do like the fact that it is a well known company, room for growth, knowledgeable, up to date equipment, a trainings.”

“It is a company that understands the changing topography of the medical device field and is adapting appropriately to ensure long term success”

“Strong presence, reputation, current and former reps I have met and competitive nature of the company and diversity of products offered.”

For more about Stryker jobs and the benefits offered by Stryker, visit their career website.


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