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Stryker sales jobs are in high demand, and in this year’s survey, the company was, once again, one of the top 3 most sought-after companies overall. Stryker is no stranger to the MedReps Best Places to Work list, and you’ll find Stryker on plenty of other lists of top companies around the web too. Why? Well, in addition to having a highly recognizable brand and a well-regarded product line, by all accounts, the company values its people. Several respondents used the word “family” when describing the company culture. Stryker shows that it cares about its people by investing in their training and development. The company prides itself on promoting from within.

Known for their unyielding work ethic, Stryker sales reps are respected by their peers and customers alike. It’s no wonder so many of our respondents are vying for Stryker sales jobs.

Here’s what Stryker employees had to say about why Stryker is the Best Place to Work in Medical Device Sales:

“The company is centered around hiring people that are the best in their current industry in order to bring fresh new ideas to the organization. Family always comes first, but work is very important and becomes very enjoyable when you have such great peers and products to represent!”

“Equal opportunities, fair salary/commissions , excellent structure which helps the sales process go smoother.”

“Commission structure is favorable to those wanting to make money, management is excellent, and corporate support puts the individual sales rep in a position to win.”

“Unmatched autonomy & pay.”

“Stryker is my current employer and the best place to work. I have been in the industry for over 12 years and been a part of many organizations. However, Stryker surpasses all of them in the way they treat and develop their people. The culture of integrity, performance, and accountability is incredible. They are always focused on putting people first.”

“The culture and atmoshpere is condusive for all reps to succeed. You are only limited by your own ability to succeed.”

“They don’t micro manage there sales force.”

“Best Med Device company because they hire the best people.”

“Stryker because they pay our sales force top dollar for performance. ”

“Stryker Corporation is the best place to work because one of their core values is people. With all of the problems going on between people in the United States, its nice to work at a place that values people and diversity.”

“They make it easy to be successful as a sales rep and treat us well.”

The Stryker career site provides detailed information about the company’s history, focus and mission. View medical device jobs and Stryker sales jobs on to the right.


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