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3 Ways to Showcase the Possibilities of Pharmaceutical Careers

It’s no secret that recruiting can be seriously tricky. You’re essentially a matchmaker. It’s your job to make sure your candidate and your company pair well together. Which means ensuring that candidates are interested in the position and everything else the company has to offer.

There are many benefits to pursuing a pharmaceutical career. One of them being there are numerous options in career choices and paths.

For example, there are many “top pharmaceutical career” roles to choose from such as pharmaceutical sales reps, specialized sales reps, or managerial and marketing roles. The diverse range of entry-level career options offering room to grow is one of the reasons this industry appeals to many job seekers.

In addition, a unique factor of medical sales careers is the amount of competition between companies across numerous types of drugs, devices, equipment, and services. As a result, job seekers do not feel restricted or forced into competing for the same, limited, top-notch jobs.

These benefits for job hunters also pose a potential obstacle for pharmaceutical sales recruiters. You really have to showcase why your open pharma roles are the best opportunity to attract and secure top talent. Here are 3 easy ways to successfully showcase the possibilities of pharmaceutical careers:

1. Pharma reps love their jobs

One of the most obvious reasons the medical sales industry is so competitive is sales reps love their jobs — especially those working in pharmaceutical careers.

In fact, our Pharmaceutical Sales Salary Report showed they have some of the highest satisfaction rates, with 80% saying they’re happy with their pay and job overall. 

Over the years, satisfaction has stayed consistently high in the pharmaceutical industry. And Pharmaceutical companies are among the top best places to work year over year. 

Some of the reasons reps say they love their jobs include:

  • Health Benefits
  • Expense Account
  • Gas card
  • Car Allowance
  • 401k with matching
  • Stock Options /Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  • Company Car
  • Profit Sharing

In addition, our 2021 Best Places to Work survey revealed pharmaceutical reps had more to smile about than just great pay and compensation. Pharmaceutical companies have continued to evolve and step-up to create great company cultures.

For example, our survey found that employees were overwhelmingly positive about how their companies have handled the COVID-19 crisis. Survey respondents shared many uplifting stories on how their employers went above and beyond to help them out during these challenging times — both professionally and personally.

Here’s how you can showcase satisfaction:

Highlight important factors like how the company puts its values into practice.

Not surprisingly, 32% of respondents in our recent Best Places to Work survey shared that the best part about being in medical sales is being able to make an impact. Highlight how and why your job role will make a difference in the world. Inspire candidates to join your team by giving them real-life examples of how your company helps others.

Furthermore, according to our survey, the second-best aspect of working in medical sales is work/life balance. During an especially-challenging time, candidates want to know their company will be there to support them. Showcase how your company truly cares for their employees and give examples of how leaders have gone above and beyond for their employees.

Pro-tip: Don’t be afraid to point out how these benefits differ from other companies and industries. 

2. Pay is competitive and stable

The pharmaceutical sales industry is appealing because in many ways it is considered “recession-proof” due to the essential nature of manufacturing and distributing life-saving drugs. In 2020, that view was put to the test when the entire world faced shutdown amid the pandemic.

Remarkably, our 2020 Pharmaceutical Sales Salary report showed that even going through the global pandemic, pharma reps remained hopeful that their jobs would continue to exist and their salaries would still rise.

Of course, they were right. Everything changed in 2020, including the way we approach medicine. But, the pharmaceutical industry keeps growing and finding innovative ways to keep up to these shifts in the industry.

People need medications to treat anything from a headache to a chronic auto-immune disorder and everything in between. For this reason, the industry is constantly evolving to meet healthcare needs and demands in order to stay relevant.

Here’s how you can showcase stability:

Job seekers interested in pursuing a pharmaceutical career probably already know that the pay is competitive. However, now more than ever, candidates are looking for job security. 

Gather information from metrics measured over time that show the stability of the industry. Give examples of how your pharmaceutical company specifically handled and thrived through the COVID-19 crisis. 

In addition, explain how your company continues to grow and develop to stay relevant. Share exciting future plans with your candidate and ask how they believe they could contribute to their success.

In contrast, highlight how and what your company did when times were good. It’s important to show how you can survive during challenging times. But, it’s equally important to celebrate how you can thrive during good times.

3. Pharma was flexible before it was cool

The work world is changing. Because of the 2020 pandemic, many companies are moving toward a more virtual and flexible workforce.

However, pharmaceutical careers have always offered flexibility and autonomy. And now this part of the job may be even more appealing to job seekers, since getting a taste of it during 2020 shutdowns.

Unlike many other industries, the pharmaceutical industry isn’t reinventing the wheel when it comes to remote or flexible work processes. The kinks have long since been worked out and your team has fine-tuned virtual communication and collaboration. In addition, clients are already used to working/meeting with reps on flexible schedules.

Here’s how you can showcase flexibility:

Although a flexible working environment is appealing to many. It takes a special kind of candidate to work successfully and effectively in this kind of environment.
As a result, it’s important that you are transparent about the amount of travel time necessary for the role and how travel impacts commission earnings. You should also highlight the possibility of burnout and what processes are in place to create balance for sales reps (which will also show that your company cares about employees).

Autonomy is thrilling for some reps and can be overwhelming for others so be sure candidates understand how much of the role depends on their time management, organizational skills, and independently hitting deadlines and goals. Ultimately, transparency about what flexibility means for your team will determine the success of candidates starting their pharmaceutical sales careers.