Sales Interview Questions

Preparing for Medical Sales Interview Questions

Getting an interview for a medical sales job is a victory in and of itself, but you need a clear strategy for this next stage of the battle. Plan to spend as much time as possible researching the company and studying sample interview questions so you can go into the medical sales interview feeling calm, confident and ready to impress!

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Research the Company – This one may be obvious, but it’s worth reiterating that job seekers need to research the company at which they are applying, as well as the products they hope to sell. Researching a potential employer is important for any candidate, but as a medical sales professional, the more you already know about the product you hope to sell, the sooner you will become an asset for your new employer. So start studying! Use the corporate website, press releases, LinkedIn, blogs and industry forums to find out as much as you can about your potential employer and their products. You can even use LinkedIn to look up the person or people who will be conducting the interview and see if you have any connections in common. Sales interview questions will always cover what you know about the company, so be prepared!

Know the Job – In addition to researching the company (and their products), make sure you study the job description. Ideally you have all of the
required qualifications and can cite examples of each in your recent work history, but interviewers are not only trying to find out if you have the ability to do the job, their interview questions will cover whether or not the job is one you want to do. If you can show a good understanding of exactly what the job requires, you will be that much more convincing when you say you are the best candidate for the position.

Study Interview Techniques – Every interview is different, but there are a few distinct styles and techniques that you are likely to encounter when being asked medical sales interview questions. Do some research on the different types of interview questions – behavioral interview questions, situational interview questions, opinion questions, experience verification questions, etc. Look up medical sales interview questions and think through your answers. The goal is not to prepare answers for hundreds of different interview questions, but instead, get comfortable with the thought process required to answer these different types of questions. Think about your past experience and have a few specific situations in mind that can serve as examples for different types of interview questions.

Have Thoughtful Questions – Sometimes candidates are so focused on the interview questions they have to answer, that they have a hard time asking questions of their own. Think about interview questions you can ask about the the job, the company, the product, or the corporate culture. Even if you think you know everything you need to know, make sure you have at least one thoughtful question for the person interviewing you. Have several in mind so that if they have already covered something you intended to address, you will have something else to ask when you hear the inevitable “What questions do you have for me?”

Bring a Business Plan – You may think bringing a written business plan to an interview could be seen as presumptuous or overeager, but many recruiters swear this extra step will elevate you above other candidates. Not only does it prove that you understand what the job requires, but it shows your potential employer that you will be proactive in your position and will not need to be micromanaged.

Prepare your Brag Book – If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to create or update your brag book. Include your updated sales resume, references, awards, certificates, credentials, articles you’ve published, and any other relevant information that highlights your accomplishments – be it a letter of recommendation or an article you’ve written for an industry publication. Organize these materials into a binder or portfolio and bring it with you to the interview as a reference point or visual tool that will assist you in selling yourself – much the way you might use a binder of product information to help you sell your product.

Role Play – Ask a friend to role play the interview with you. Provide them with your list of sales interview questions and ask them to choose interview questions randomly. But don’t just rehearse the interview questions – practice how you will seamlessly introduce your business plan and brag book into the conversation. Ask your friend to point out any ticks or odd expressions that you may not notice about yourself. This is not the time to be overly sensitive – ask for honest feedback and hope that your friend is kind enough to give it!

Dress the Part – Your appearance matters, so plan your clothing accordingly. Decide in advance exactly what you will wear and make sure it is clean and ironed. This is not the time to assume. Double check every detail prior to the morning of the interview. (Are your shoes polished? Are your stockings run-free? Is your hairdryer working? Does that jacket still fit? Does your belt match?) Plan your wardrobe in advance so that there are no surprises the morning of the interview.

It’s a lot to consider – some of it obvious, some of it not-so-obvious – but if you thoroughly prepare and keep these additional interview tips in mind, at the very least you will make a good impression on an industry professional and at best you will get the medical sales job you’ve been wanting!

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