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5 Sales Training Courses That Will Make You Outshine Competitors

Medical sales reps are competitive by nature. Fighting to the end for a sale isn’t the only time this side must outshine competitors, though.

The same idea should apply to your medical sales job search. As you know, staying up-to-date in this constantly evolving world is a challenge. This means to stay above job search competitors you must remain at the top of your game with medical sales training.

To help you do this, we’ve compiled a list of the top five free and paid sales training courses we love. Here’s what they are and how you can use them to set yourself ahead during your next medical sales interview:

1. Become a Sales Representative –

Price: 1-month free trial, then $29.99/month

What you’ll learn: This entry-level course prepares you for creating those vital customer relationships. From lead generation to prospecting, negotiating, and managing accounts, you can bring your sales learning full circle with one course.

How it puts you above competitors in the job search:  Some sales pros believe they can get by on wit and charm. This course helps you go beyond your natural communication abilities — something recruiters will recognize and appreciate.

2. SalesMBA™ Workshops

Price: $595

What you’ll learn: In the world of technology, it’s important to remember that there are still in-person training events. The “May Why You? Why You Now?” Prospecting Workshop with Hoffman teaches attendees how to cut through the noise, build your pipeline, and get the responses you are looking for on every call and email.

How it puts you above competitors in the job search: This workshop doesn’t just teach you what to do. It also un-teaches you mistakes you and your competitors unknowingly continue making. As you learn how to attract prospects and what not to do, let recruiters know that you acknowledge the mistakes you made in the past, what you learned from them, and how you’re moving forward.

3. Sales Hacker

Price: Free

What you’ll learn: Sales Hacker is a place where you evolve at your own pace. They have multiple sales resources, including webinars, podcasts, and training, that cater to the specific areas you’re looking to improve.

How it puts you above competitors in the job search: All sales pros have areas where they excel and others where they need directed medical sales training and development. Acknowledging areas for improvement is the first step. Let hiring pros know you’re aware that medical sales is an evolving field, and you’re focused on moving with it by frequently improving your skills.

4. Hubspot Inbound Sales

Price: Free

What you’ll learn: This free course is all about learning the customer journey. You’ll learn how to first identify new prospects, then how to make a meaningful connection with them, explore their needs, and set them on an action path designed specifically for them.

How it puts you above competitors in the job search: Some of your sales competitors are still overly focused on the journey of their product. In this course, you’ll learn the added value of putting the customers’ journey above your own. This type of compassion for customers is exactly what medical sales recruiters are looking for in top talent.

5. B2B Phone Skills Improvement Program

Price: $2,500 for a group of up to five sales reps

What you’ll learn: Inside sales reps need medical sales training that helps them develop a specific skill set. The B2B Phone Skills Improvement Program is designed to enhance those skills and help you tackle the challenges of not being face-to-face with clients. You’ll learn how to engage prospects, book appointments, delve into their prospects’ motivations, resolve their concerns, and close.

How it puts you above competitors in the job search: After each training session, you’ll take a graded exam. The scores of these exams give you a realistic assessment of your development. This gives you the power to show recruiters you’re evolving in a way that their customers will appreciate.