6. Do you have what it takes to be successful in medical sales?

medical sales trophy

Just because an old college friend is making big money in medical sales – that doesn’t mean it’s easy. The glamorous stereotype of the Barbie®-like med rep treating docs to fancy dinners is a thing of the past! Today, it takes far more brains than beauty to be successful in a medical sales career. In fact, many reps have science degrees or a background in a medical field.

You should also consider how important the “flexibility” aspect of a medical sales job is to you. While many people associate a medical sales career with setting your own schedule and working from home, this is not always the case. Some device and equipment reps are on call just like doctors and have to be prepared to go into the OR with surgeons in order to assist with their products. Even pharma reps don’t always have the flexibility once associated with the job because many companies are demanding more and more documentation of every detail of a rep’s day. Some companies have been known to place tracking devices on a rep’s car – talk about micromanagement! Your success as a med rep will largely depend on your ability to adapt to the various management styles within the industry.

Medical sales is an incredibly rewarding career path, but it is not without its fair share of challenges. In addition to unwarranted stereotypes and evolving management tactics, the industry is largely affected by changing Federal regulations, as well as economic ups and downs.

It takes extraordinary intelligence, flexibility, and determination to succeed in a medical sales career. However, if you can manage to break into this competitive field, you will have already demonstrated two qualities essential to your ongoing success: persistence and determination.

Good luck in your job search!

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