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Get Found: Everything you need to know about the Resume Database

You set up job alerts, scan job postings daily, and submit resumes when appropriate, but why should you be the one doing all the searching? Allowing the job posters to search for you would likely speed things up a bit, right? By creating a searchable profile on, you’ll significantly increase your chances of getting noticed by a recruiter or hiring manager. It’s pretty easy to create a profile, but you may have a few questions before you get started.



How do I upload a medical sales resume?

What is the difference between a medical sales resume and a profile

Login and move the cursor to “My Profile” (in the top navigation bar) and select “Resume.” Give your resume a name (ex. Device Resume, Profile Resume), and then click “Choose File” to locate and select your resume document on your computer. Be sure to click the blue “Upload” button to complete the upload. If you upload more than one resume, you’ll need to select the radio button next to the resume you would like to use as your searchable profile.


What is a profile?

Your MedReps profile is what job posters will see when they search our database for candidates with skills and experience matching yours. The resume you select as your profile resume will be parsed to create your profile. View your profile by clicking the “Profile” tab on the left side of the screen, or by moving the cursor to “My Profile” (in the top navigation bar) and selecting “Profile.” You’ll need to answer a few additional questions and confirm that the information has transferred correctly before clicking “Save” (or “Save and Preview” if you want to see how the document appears to job posters).


When I apply for jobs, am I submitting my resume or my profile?

Your resume. Your profile is searchable in our database, while your resume document will be submitted when you apply to jobs. When you click apply, you select which of your uploaded resumes you’d like to submit, along with a cover letter, and we send it as an email attachment to the job poster.


Who can see my resume?

The default setting makes your profile searchable by both employers and recruiters, but you can edit the setting – and any other information on your profile – by clicking the “Profile” tab on the left side of the screen, or by moving the cursor to “My Profile” (in the top navigation bar) and selecting “Profile.” You can hide your profile from employers, recruiters, or both by un-checking the boxes in the grey box in the top right.

How do I hide my medical sales resume?


Why should I limit who can see my resume? 

You shouldn’t! The option is there primarily to protect the privacy of employed candidates who may not want their current employers to come across their resume in the database. To avoid this scenario, employed candidates can uncheck the employer box, and only allow recruiters to view their resume.


How do you determine my “skills”?

Skills are pulled directly from your profile resume. You may add skills to your profile, as long as it is a skill recognized by the system as relevant to our industry. If you have an industry-relevant skill that you feel should be recognized, please contact us.


How do I delete my resume from the database? 

From the Resume screen, click “Delete” next to the resume you wish to remove.

Can I upload a resume without creating a profile?

The first resume you upload defaults as your profile resume. However, by unchecking both the boxes regarding who can see your profile (on the profile screen) you are making your profile completely invisible.


What is an “inactive” resume?

Inactive medical sales resumes and profiles are stored in the database but they are not visible to employers or recruiters. If you end your MedReps membership, your resumes and profile become inactive.


Can I see who has viewed my resume and/or how many times it has been viewed?
Not at this time.


How can I increase the chances of my resume being viewed?

Use Keywords
Hiring managers and recruiters search the resume database using keywords applicable to their job postings. If your experience is relevant to the jobs for which you are applying, the right keywords are likely already there. However, be sure to include multiple variations of job titles and areas of specialization so that you are not overlooked simply because a recruiter uses a variation of a word on your resume. Read more about optimizing your medical sales resume.

Update Frequently
The “freshest” profiles appear at the top of the search results. This means the most recently uploaded or updated resumes are shown first. In order to update your profile, navigate to the Profile screen, scroll down and click “Save.”