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Recruiter Mistakes – Don’t Put Off Qualified Candidates


Although job seekers are making themselves increasingly more available to recruiters to advance their careers, many more candidates will still refuse to work with you based on past negative experience or advice from their contacts. Therefore, it’s important to avoid recruiter mistakes that cost qualified candidates.

In the 2016 LinkedIn Global Talent Trends report, researchers discovered a staggering 90 percent of respondents planned to change jobs within the year. Of those surveyed, most don’t immediately apply for a job when they first hear about it.

Instead, they visit the company website (59 percent), read online articles about the company (34 percent), and talk with current employees about the position and company culture (26 percent).

Here are a few common recruiter mistakes to avoid and tips to alleviate job seeker concerns:

1. Avoid one-way conversations

By nature, conversations are two-way. However, many job seekers are still unclear on the role of recruiters, and will judge the entire company based on your actions. This occurs due to the fact that recruiter contact is often the first impression candidates have of a company.

Given that fact, rather than simply telling candidates about the job, show how the positions align with employee values. In the Global Talent Trends survey, job seekers said they most want to know “inside information” about job expectations and workload, a typical day on the job, and advancement opportunities with the company.

2. Prevent doubt or mistrust

Job seekers don’t realize your day is packed with candidate interviews and other tasks. They expect to have your full attention. That’s why it’s important to avoid multi-tasking during screening. Even if the tasks are directly related to the position/candidate (for example, looking up information), job candidates will think you’re not focused on their placement.

In addition, job seekers crave near constant communication about the status of their candidacy. Make an excuse to reach out to share even basic information. If they only hear from you when you need a question answered, they’ll be put off, and assume you’re in a rush to end a conversation in order to interview another candidate.

3. Don’t be too quick to discard candidates

You’re well aware that the perfect candidate does not exist. However, it’s important to give “close” candidates a chance. Don’t miss out on placing top talent because of one or two flaws or missing qualifications. Soft skills or transferable skills can still benefit your clients, in addition to the skills required for the position.

Recruiters remain one of the top resources for job seekers. However, it’s important to avoid common recruiter mistakes that scare off qualified candidates. Remember to keep the conversation about the candidate, and to tout more about the company than just the job being discussed.

Alleviate doubt and mistrust through transparency and open communication. In addition, always be on the lookout for candidates with work and life experience outside of the position that would benefit companies.

How do you interest and attract qualified job candidates? Let us know in the comments!