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Professional Networking Tips for Medical Sales Reps

Everyone knows the old adage – it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. This rings true in most industries, but especially in more competitive fields like medical sales.

The statistics say it all. According to research by Team Stage, 75% of all people surveyed, whether they’re seeking a job or not, spend some time networking. 72% of all networkers make snap judgements on those they’re meeting based on their professional demeanor, and 85% of all positions are filled with employees who got the job by networking.

Professional Networking Tips for Medical Sales Reps

With these numbers, you can’t afford not to spend some time networking, and you need to do so as professionally as possible. To help, here are MedReps‘ top professional networking tips for medical sales reps.

Practice Your Elevator Pitch

You’ll have a brief period of time to introduce yourself when meeting someone in your field, so your elevator pitch needs to be quick and filled with all of the relevant information.

Start with your full name, and include a few details on where you went to school and what you majored in. Other things, such as where you currently work and what you specialize in are helpful as well.

Spend some time practicing your elevator speech before you attend a networking event. You need to make a good and memorable first impression, so you shouldn’t speak too quickly or too slowly. Your elevator speech needs to sound natural, like you didn’t rehearse it at all, in order for it to work.

Be Prepared to Listen

An important part of networking is getting to know the people that you’re meeting. This means having a complete conversation with them, which includes plenty of listening.

When you’re trying to get to know people in your field, the last thing that you want to be doing is fiddling with your phone, looking around the room or doing anything else that makes it seem as though you aren’t paying attention to them. This is not only unprofessional, but it can make you seem like someone that they won’t want to really get to know.

Instead, make it clear that you’re listening to what they’re saying, and add in bits of conversation as you go along.

Ask Plenty of Questions

On top of listening, you also need to ask plenty of questions. Doing this in a conversation makes it appear like you’re interested in what the other person is saying. It’s also a good method of ensuring that the conversation continues. If you find things lagging, bring up a valid question about the business.

This should get the people that you’re speaking to going again, and it will help you learn more both about them and the business as a whole. Remember that networking is also a good learning experience.

Dress and Act Professionally

According to the statistics, people tend to judge others based on how they appear upon first meeting them. This is something that we all wish wasn’t true, but it unfortunately is. In order to make that good first impression, you need to dress and act professionally. This includes:

  • Keep your hair looking neat and styled – While your overall hair style is up to you, just make sure that it looks neat and clean. Try to avoid things like baseball caps, which can look unprofessional. Just about anything else goes though, as long as you’re neat and tidy.
  • Dress professionally – Wearing professional clothing usually involves a suit and tie, a pant or skirt suit, or even a dress. Keep your jewelry to a minimum and make sure that everything you wear is clean and neatly pressed, not wrinkled.
  • Behave in an appropriate manner – Avoid speaking loudly, shouting and even swearing. You want to appear businesslike, not as though you’re at a party.

Face to Face Networking Works Best

Although you can network online, attend conference sessions via Zoom, or chat with people in your field on social media, most people have found that face to face networking is the best method. When you’re in front of a person, you get a better feeling for who they are and can truly get to know them better. Personal connections are easier to build when everyone is present in the room.

The Importance of Networking

Networking is a crucial part of the medical sales industry. It’s an effective way to get to know your fellow sales reps, as well as make the connections that can help you get a job in the field if you don’t have one already. Never underestimate the power of networking. It’s a handy tool that you’ll use your entire sales rep career.