Pharma Sales Job Search Advice from a Princeton One Recruiter

MedReps interviews Isaac Whatley, the Biotech and Pharma Recruiting Team Lead at Princeton One. He’s been at Princeton One for three years and leads a team focused on filling pharmaceutical sales jobs for clients. He reveals what candidates can do to make a good impression and increase their chances of getting the pharma sales jobs they want.

Watch the video to hear Isaac discuss the following questions and more.

What makes a candidate’s application stand out?

  1. Provide a clear objective
  2. Give an overview of therapeutic areas covered and the different types of roles held. 

How can a candidate impress you on the phone screen?

  1. Have current stats and performance numbers in front of you during the call. 
  2. Send a clear summary of performance numbers prior to call.
  3. Be prepared to concisely walk the recruiter through the career journey.
  4. Repeat questions back to the recruiter to ensure clarity.

What advice do you have for candidates trying to break into pharma?

  1. Connect with recruiters on LinkedIn
  2. Have a resume that highlights relevant experience

How can an overqualified candidate overcome that objection?

  1. Use the resume to highlight relevant experience
  2. Use the cover letter to provide transparency about goals 

Isaac also talks about how the Covid-19 crisis has impacted pharma sales jobs and recruiting. Isaac shares how pharma recruiting has changed during the global pandemic.