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5 Popular Podcasts to Boost your Communication Skills

 As a medical sales representative, you know time is valuable. And if you’re not actively selling or prospecting, the best way to spend your time is through self-improvement. The most popular podcasts are a great way to multitask while developing your skills simultaneously. 

So where do you start? Communication skills are such a critical piece of your work that you want to make sure yours are top-notch. We’ve compiled 5 most popular podcasts to help you develop these skills so you can comfortably talk to anyone, anywhere, and at any time with confidence. 

Talk About Talk – Communication Skills Training

Hosted by Dr. Andrea Wojnicki, this podcast acts as a learning platform designed to turn anyone into the most confident public speaker. Joined by other experts, Dr. Wojnicki covers every aspect of being an effective communicator and various situations. She guides listeners to understand how to breathe, project, and also listen. Additionally, she talks about how to communicate with different types of people, including colleagues, negative people, and customers. 

Listen first: #58 COMMUNICATE WITH CONFIDENCE: Part 1 – Mental Preparation – In this two-part series, Dr. Wojnicki unpacks how to mentally prepare to communicate with confidence using the 4 P’s: practice, pep talk, proverb, and pirate.  

The Communication Guys 

Covering all types of communication — written and spoken — “The Communication Guys” is hosted by professional speaker, Tim Downs and Dr. Tom Barnett, expert in the psychology of success. Both hosts specialize in the art of communication. They use their podcast to teach the fundamentals of communication to prepare you for all situations. 

Listen first: The Soft Skills are the Hard Skills – In one of the most downloaded episodes for the popular podcast, The Guys talk about the top 5 soft skills that are important for all successful business people to know and practice. 

The School of Greatness

Gathering voices of successful leaders, this popular podcast is designed to inspire you to unlock your potential and success. Host Lewis Howes brings a lifetime of success to his work as a best-selling author, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur. 

Listen first: The Art of Listening – Effective communication requires attentive listening. You need to understand what the other person is saying rather than assuming you know what they are thinking. Joined by coach Chris Lee, Howes covers the top 10 tools for listening. 

The Public Speaker

Going beyond what the title suggests, “The Public Speaker” is hosted by Lisa B. Marshall. She provides practical tips, dubbed “quick and dirty tips,” that are bound to help you stand out, be heard, and effectively communicate. 

Listen first: 331 TPS The Essential Conversation Starters You Need Now – Making small talk has never been easier with these conversation starters. Be prepared to confidently engage the next person you find yourself next to, and who knows where the conversation could lead you? Maybe your next big sale. 

Speak Up with Laura Camacho

Host Laura Camacho, Ph.D., believes a healthy society requires everyone to feel and be understood, heard, and valued. She’s worked with individuals and companies to build this healthy culture, and she empowers listeners to build their own communication skills. 

Listen first: Episode 115 Joel Schwartzberg Asks What’s Your Point? Effective communication doesn’t mean long conversation. Sometimes, less is more. Author, coach, and executive Joel Schwartzberg guides listeners in making sure they’re understood by getting to the point quickly and clearly.  

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