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Mobile Recruiting Tips for Medical Sales Recruiters

Finding the best potential medical sales reps to hire can be tricky, even for the most experienced hiring managers. If you’re having trouble attracting qualified candidates, consider switching up your tactics with these mobile recruiting tips.

Mobile Recruiting Tips for Medical Sales Recruiters

By going beyond the traditional means of attracting workers, such as online job boards and specialty ad placements, you’re going to bring in a brand-new group of candidates, many of whom may be perfect for the job. Keep reading to find out how you can use these mobile recruiting tips to your advantage.

1) Check Out What Your Competitors are Doing

Choose your top five competitors, and do a deep dive into their recruiting procedures. Take notes and spend some time comparing their methods to see if any of their options can work for you.

Then, develop your own mobile recruiting plan, potentially using some of their methods as inspiration and combining them with your own tried and true tactics.

2) Connect Your Social Media to Your Website

One of the first things that people do when they see a job ad on social media is go to the company’s website. They want to learn more about the business and make sure that the job listing is legitimate.

Connect your social media to your website by adding links to the site on your social media accounts, and make sure that you have your social media accounts linked visibly somewhere on the homepage of your website. This helps tremendously with your credibility.

3) Simplify the Application Process

There’s nothing that turns off applicants more than having to upload a resume and cover letter, just to fill out an extensive online form that includes all of the same information. This is time consuming and redundant, not to mention difficult to do on a smartphone.

Instead, simplify your application process by making it easy to either fill out that application or upload a resume. In addition, some social media sites, like LinkedIn, have a built-in application process that’s easy to use. By taking advantage of these options, you’ll have a number of new candidates who appreciate how easy it is to apply for your open positions.

4) Take Advantage of Social Media for Applications

Not only should your job applications be simple and mobile friendly, but you also need to take advantage of any options that social media offers you.

Some platforms, like the previously mentioned LinkedIn, have a built-in application process. Online job search sites often have an in-app or onsite application that you can accept as well. Others require you to include a link to an online application, which should be simple to fill out and preferably located on your website, for verification and trust purposes. The easier that you make it to apply, the more likely you are to get a suitable number of qualified applicants to choose from.

5) Make Sure Your Ads and Website are Mobile Friendly

Did you know that most people use their smartphones instead of computers these days? It’s true, especially for those who belong to the younger generations. Since they prefer to use their phones for everything, it’s crucial that your website, as well as your job ads, are mobile friendly. They don’t want to click on a site that’s hard to read, clunky in design, or requires a lot of scrolling from side to side in order to read everything on it.

Thankfully, most websites and content management systems have an option for mobile use, allowing you to see what your site looks like on smartphones before it’s even published. This helps you make any changes to your ads and website that you need to, so that you can capture the attention of smartphone users.

6) Use Text Messaging and Online Video Chat for Interviews

Along with computers, the younger generation tends to eschew phone calls in favor of text messages and video chats. Both of these are done via mobile devices, making it easy to get ahold of anyone from just about anywhere. You need to change and adapt your communication methods as well as your application and job ads.

By setting up instant text messages when an application is received, you can let candidates know that everything in progress. Following up via that same phone line in order to set up interview times proves that you’re representing the company that you say you are and allows the candidate to trust you. This way, they know that you’re not a scammer. Instead, you represent a company that’s changed with the times and is taking advantage of modern technology.

Mobile recruiting doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these tips, you’ll be able to find the best talent and most qualified candidates for your positions with a few clicks.