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Text Messaging

Healthcare Sales Mobile Recruiting Tactics

The Job Board Doctor survey found recruiters most commonly use mobile to send text messages to individual candidates. That could mean using a text message to reach out to a candidate about a specific job or to follow up with a candidate after an interview or phone screen. Communicating by text has advantages for all parties. Generation Y in particular prefers to be contacted by text over a phone call, and now, thanks to caller ID, people of all ages let calls go to voicemail if they don’t recognize the number or just don’t want to talk. A text will deliver your message faster than the time it takes the recipient to retrieve a voicemail.

Individual texting has its benefits, but medical sales recruiters should also consider sending text messages en masse. Some studies suggest only 20% of emails are opened compared to the 95% of texts that are read within 15 minutes of receipt. Another report found that urls sent via text are more likely to be clicked than urls in emails. So how can medical sales recruiters leverage this? With the assistance of a text message marketing service, recruiters or hiring companies can ask candidates to opt in to receive SMS job alerts by texting a specified keyword to a “short code” number. The candidate then goes into a campaign to receive applicable job alerts by text. If the studies are right, the SMS job alert is far more likely to be read and clicked than an email job alert. However, building an opt-in list takes considerable time. Medical sales recruiters and hiring companies should promote their mobile program on their website, blog, social profiles, email signature, and anywhere else candidates may find them.

QR Codes, Location, Mobile ATS and More

Using mobile for medical sales recruiting is still a relatively new concept, and mobile apps and text message marketing are just scratching the surface of possibilities. For example, some talent acquisition teams and medical sales recruiters are using QR codes on their business cards or other print materials. Candidates can scan this 2D barcode with their mobile phones and instantly view the employer’s career site or a recruiter’s LinkedIn profile. Other tactics include using location information to provide more targeted job alerts (as done by the PepsiCo app).

More creative uses of location involve using social networks like foursquare to identify potential candidates “checking in” at relevant events and companies or to alert them to the presence of a hiring company in their area. One resourceful recruiter in the UK was seeking IT professionals for a gaming company in the Surrey/Essex area. He used foursquare to create “tips” for the various train stations in this area, so potential candidates checking in for their commute to London would see this message: “Tired of the commute? Are you an IT professional living in the area? Check out IT Jobs in Surrey” (with a link to the Twitter account listing the jobs). The effectiveness of campaigns like this will vary of course, but imaginative recruiters have unlimited ways they might use location based technology in medical sales recruiting.


A mobile medical sales recruiting strategy refers to a number of different tactics (and the combination thereof). From text message marketing campaigns to mobile optimized career sites to applicant tracking systems that integrate with mobile, there are a variety of options to consider and probably countess other approaches that medical sales recruiters have not even thought of yet. Wherever they choose to begin, recruiters who aim to stay ahead of the competition will get started with some aspect of mobile recruiting today.

Now, go check your phone for any activity you may have missed while reading this guide. Then get back to planning your mobile medical sales recruiting strategy ASAP.

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