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Here is the latest data on the MedReps candidate community.

MedReps has long been known as the go-to site for industry professionals seeking medical sales jobs. For more than two decades, hiring managers and recruiters have posted their jobs on the site confident that they would receive applications from experienced candidates. But does MedReps’ reputation still hold true? Is the MedReps community still primarily made up of industry professionals? Our latest research—based on responses from nearly 800 active members—answers these questions with a resounding, yes.


  • Healthcare sales experience
  • Other b2b sales experience
  • Other

Consistent with prior years, the majority of users have healthcare sales experience (79%) or other business-to-business sales experience (13%). So, 92% of MedReps members have relevant experience.


  • Employed or contractor in healthcare sales
  • Employed in healthcare
  • Employed in other b2b sales
  • Other employment
  • Unemployed or other

More than two-thirds of members are employed or working as a contractor. Nearly half are employed in healthcare sales (40%) or working in healthcare as an independent rep  or contractor (6%).

Average Experience: 14 Years

Year after year, the data confirms that MedReps Members are experienced industry professionals.

Product Experience

Med / Surg Device

Capital Equipment


Pharma / Specialty Pharma


Biotech / Biopharma

Lab / Diagnostics

Home Health

Healthcare Software / IT



Most Recent Job Title

Field Sales 65%
Management 24%
Independent Rep 6%

Will these qualified, medical sales candidates find your jobs posted on

The consistency of the data from survey to survey and year to year reinforces the fact that that remains the go-to job site for medical sales industry professionals. Recruiters and hiring managers seeking experienced talent will find an audience of qualified medical sales candidates on