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For the fifth consecutive year, Medtronic ranked #1 for best medical device sales companies, and this  year, it landed the top spot in the overall vote as well. The company is widely respected by the medical device sales community, seen by many as the “holy grail” of employment opportunities.

The Medtronic mission – to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life – truly guides the company and can be felt in everything they do. In fact, several Medtronic employees referenced it specifically in their survey response (below). Medtronic sales reps see themselves contributing to the company’s mission, and take great satisfaction in that fact. For medical device job seekers looking for a challenging sales position, and who also want to give back – the company can really fulfill both goals.

Medtronic certainly has a reputation for treating employees well. Here’s what several employees told us in this year’s survey:

“Medtronic treats their employees with respect. They are always helping the community and giving us an opportunity to participate. We are told that work comes after family and faith and they mean it.”

“Medtronic has an amazing culture and really implores their representatives to run their business like a franchise. The organization bends over backwards even during times of a merger (Medtronic and Covidien) to ensure the satisfaction, safety and stability within the company walls. Great culture to work in, rewarding benefits and top of the industry compensation prove what a privilege and honor it is to work for Medtronic.”

“Medtronic is an amazing place to work. It’s a company that truly cares about its patients and stays true to their mission. With excellent leaders and excellent products, it’s easy to be successful.”

“Medtronic has always been a company where the patient comes first by Alleviating Pain, Restoring Health and Extending Life. As an employee I have always felt that my opinion mattered and everyone is working to make this company the best employer you could have.”

“There is so much energy and excitement. We collaborate across our division and all other Medtronic divisions. I feel like opinions are important. We have freedom to reach our quotas however we see fit. I’ve worked for [other highly regarded companies], so I know how unique this Medtronic environment is.”

“Great corporate culture…great products!”

“The commitment to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered is a key driving factor to every day operations. This is reflected in the way they treat their employees. Benefits are above industry standards and compensation is competitive. There is a strong history of promotion from within.”

“So much support. Wonderful culture.”

“Innovation, culture of high ethics, minimal sales administrative responsibilities, good pay, great benefits, awesome products that alleviate pain – restore health -extend life. Biggest most recognized name in Medical device, makes getting appointments with surgeons, hospital staff, and other HCPs easy.”


The Medtronic career site offers more information about the company’s mission, culture, recruiting events, and of course, compensation and benefits. View Medtronic sales jobs on

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